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Sportsfix – The Sportsfix concept is a distributed transmission in real-time mode for the Digital Stadium network, which is intended for smartphones and tablets of sports fans in Asia. This system is based on popular sports content, both local and worldwide. In principle, the project can be called an innovative sport-ecosystem, based on the technology of blockchain with the separation of rights to media materials.
The platform contains the best of Netflix with the use of blockchain technology, which contains the most popular sports. The platform is a sports media system for fans and sports video enthusiasts.
Digital Stadium-the system ahead its time, built on the online economy of the virtual title plate and provides fans of communication with like-minded people, sports groups, patrons and thus to take royalties for Participation in sports. Digital stadiums are usually built on a multi-system, after which it is possible to promote and enlarge. Community Digital Stadium Developing will get new functionality, besides here we have also a system of ranking, where every step more and tastier.
About the coin.
The system uses an SFT token. It is required for distribution of the system among clubs, fans, patrons on conditions of mutual advantage within the limits of sports content. If you are a fan, you can access digital stadiums and your favorite content. Sponsors can apply coins to encourage fans and sponsor content. A coin with an SFT marker will be traded on exchanges for different currencies.
What’s the exclusivity?
With the SFT token applied, it is possible to communicate between clubs, leagues, and fans within the symbolic transaction system. The system is built on the basis of blockchain technology and uses smart contracts. In fact, we are the result of the power of the Netflix platform multiplied on the functionality of blockchain technology. As a result, the project can be described as a distributed media system focused on sports broadcasts. Now the project is gaining popularity in Asia and participation in it becomes a rather profitable business.
Sportsfix I think that this company is full of prospects, it has many advantages, as well as it involves dynamic development. Developers responsibly and qualitatively relate to their work, which has a positive impact on the demand platform of the company. Having assessed all the advantages of the company, I came to the conclusion that the company has a huge potential, which in the future, undoubtedly, will lead them to success and advancement. I suggest you turn your attention to this company and read more about it by clicking on the links below.

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