Sportsfix – Live Streaming Sports OTT Platform Built on The Block Chain

Sportsfix – I am glad to welcome all Subscribers again and to present you an overview of the interesting and promising project. And the project can really make a breakthrough in its sphere because it has everything for it: a great cool idea, a classy experienced team, and the latest modern technology. Today it will be about sports.

At least 70% of the world’s population has to do with sports, either by doing it or by interesting and being fans.At present, new opportunities are being opened for sport. This is facilitated, firstly, by the active development of technologies: the rapid spread of smartphones, the development of social networks, high-speed internet and the increase in the share of the digital generation. and second, changing user preferences: Switching from traditional media to digital, viewing video content outside the home, sharing and using online content. The main issue in the sports business remains the same: how to attract more fans to the broadcast if the traditional TV channel loses its popularity? The process of distribution of sports content is expensive, outdated and uncomfortable. Most often, it is included in a paid package of subscriber TV, which includes a lot of unnecessary content. Also, clubs and sportsmen have practically no possibility of direct interaction with each other.

It is obvious that the distribution of sports content is on the verge of profound changes. Now for the fans came a very exciting time, there are new opportunities to view favorite sports, socializing with sports idols, and even the opportunity to earn tokens. Sportsfix offers to convert the most popular in the world Content-sports, by combining the capacities of the Netflix platform with blockchain-technology.

Sportsfix is a revolutionary ecosystem of digital sports content based on blockchain technology. The aim of the project is to create a video platform with the help of the latest technologies, which will provide only the best sports broadcasts and unique video content to its viewers.

Sportsfix Media Holdings has already launched in Asia its media resource, which offers live broadcasts, sports news, and other content on demand. It focuses on Asian workers abroad and those who consume video, mostly on mobile devices. Sportsfix acquired the rights to broadcast matches of the Chinese Super League, Indonesian and Thai leagues, PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) and other regional leagues. The service, launched in July 2017, cooperates with various telecom companies to deliver to mobile applications.

How it works
The platform features specially designed digital stadiums that give fans the following opportunities:
 View sports content on demand with the possibility of voting;
 Pay only for the content you prefer;
 Interact directly with your favorite clubs;
 Interact with other fans within the digital stadium;
 Earn and spend loyalty points for various actions within the stadium.
 The operation of digital stadiums is based on a unique combination of blockchain technology and smart contracts with OTT technology. Ott technology is the delivery of content over the Internet without the need to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite TV services. It allows the more efficient use of content, attract new subscribers and increase profitability.

Digital stadiums have a multilevel model that is based on attendance. With the growth of the community of this stadium will open new opportunities-this is an incentive.
A number of activities are aimed at the development of the ecosystem: fans will actively participate in the development of their favorite content, copyright holders will be able to take their rights to display games live. The token sports process will allow to expand opportunities and attract a fan base.

The SFT token will be used as a payment tool on the platform. Based on Blokchejne Ethereum, the token will allow Sportsfix sports fans around the world to participate in the emergence of a revolutionary ecosystem for sports content. It is designed to encourage users to join and participate in the digital stadium platform.

Price – $0.10
Total issue – 800 000 000
Tokens for Sale – 440 000 000
Discount for pre-sale-30-50%
Soft Cap -2 000 000 $
Hard Cap 37 200 000 $

Token distribution
55%-For sale
15%-Backup storage
5%-strategic partnership with clubs
3%-Bounty campaign

Allocation of funds
60%-the cost of acquiring sports content
14%-development costs
13%-marketing expenses
10%-operating expenses
3%-Legal and accounting expenses

Sportsfix The platform has already entered the ASEAN Market (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and has more than 300 million users. It uses local, regional and international content. The company examines the preferences of clients and on their basis provides only desirable and demanded by the client the content.
Using the latest technologies, proven experienced team, dynamic growth model, availability of the active product – all the factors tell about the project’s chances of success. Investors believe in the project and support it. It remains to wish the team good luck and achievement of the set goals.

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