SSOT HEALTH The First Ground-Breaking Blockchain Based Pharma Application

SSOT HEALTH -in the wake of health using technology Blockchain technology in the world, the development of increasingly advanced rapidly, especially the technology a Blockchain in its application can be applied to anything like the SSOT.
Decentralized medical application framework or frameworks is decentralized medical technology developed by care providers SSOT, when adding data using SSOT’s Ethereum Web app client, data stored in EHR systems those with an encrypted hash reference and posted to Blockchain private network using SSOT’s stacks and the Ethereum client application by using the secure channel SSOT, patients can be to authorization to access the same data and data on save in a distributed storage system for the private Blockchain is enabled. Global encrypted patient ID (GPID) is the unique identifiers of records of people all over the world.

SSOT is a broad concept which is in define as a means of digital technology as a resource and service in health provision for the community a lot, there are three key solutions brought SSOT.

SecuredPHR is the first application that is developed using Blockchain technology in the world. Everyone has the right to have their own medical data in a secure system, SecuredPHR is your wallet data that can be owned by anyone and which has control to whom will share the use of the iron-plated security protocol that is supported by SSOT framework Blockchain.

The features that are offered SecuredPHR
Always update all personal medical records
Integrates with any medical system operating in the Blockchain Authorization by user discretion
Details of the access levels are determined by a patient
You can export the data in CCR
The data in the hands of individuals in the appropriate storage HIPPA/CMS
Blockchain allows the SSOT-ID make a user account SecuredPHR

SecuredPharma is the first Blockchain underlying Pharmaceutical Applications, enhanced workflow and built-in algorithm-based AI that can help individuals, pharmacy, PBM and drug manufacturers supply chains. This product complies with regulations and audit applications ready. Pharmacies driven system by the verification process, an adjustment that is fully in accordance with Blockchain and SmartContract pharmaceutical SSOT to enable encrypted system.

The features that are offered SecuredPharma
SSOT Pharma offers solutions pre-Auth enabled SmartContract function to eliminate the pre-authorization process so that it can reduce costs and increase efficiency
SSOT Pharma offers SmartContract Adjudication process eliminates management enabled Ajudikasi by SmartContract and machine learning
SSOT Pharma offers Procurement management SmartContract allows Pharma eliminate high inventory and distribution processes and reducing the time distribution of up to 90%

Secured Claims
SecuredClaims is an application powered by Blockchain AI machine SSOT SSOT handle the intricacies of insurance claims. He manages the “deception’s” in various lines of business in the insurance industry. By adding large book process framework in order to fully secure the SSOT data from insurance fraud.

The features that are offered SecuredClaims
SmartContract activated 99% for acceptance first.
SmartContract supported real-time claims, is this?
Artificial Intelligence supported management CODE supported by the SSOT Blockchain so that it can eliminate the filing of claims with the wrong code, what is it?
The role of the adjudicator and the clearinghouse be eliminated so that the services provided by the insurance company can be upgraded at a cost that is much cheaper, is it?
The children’s revenue cycle time reduced up to 90% so that it can increase the capital run and will get better cash flow for a Provider, what is it?
For insurance companies, reduced overhead to process claims amounting to 65% by the verification of claims management SSOT-controlled SmartContract, what is it?
Patients play a role in the approval of the claim, so as to eliminate the wrong claims for services are provided by a provider, what is it?

The aim global healthcare so that the SSOT is ready to become the backbone of economic development it is important that can affect everyone in the chain of supply of trade in health services. Monetization data will issue the power of centralized data of patients to achieve better results in the entire value chain of health care.


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