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STATEU  Greetings, Friends! I am always in search of interesting projects for you, the most potential and deeply thought-out. Wandering through the expanses of the World Wide Web, I found for you a very interesting and already well-proven project. Take a few minutes to read this review, I promise you will love this project and its awesome idea. In addition, this review will be different from those that are made under the copier, I’ll try to invest the maximum amount of information and details, so that you can even better understand all the subtleties of the project, the past experience of the team members, its counterparts and Competitors.

Today, our test subjects will be the STATEU project.
It presents almost a unique idea, with a minimum number of similar projects!
So there is a great chance to get the coveted caviar.

Let’s start with the fact that blockchain can probably make the current system of storing property records much more efficient and secure. Official documents such as acts, land rights and mortgage documents are often stored in paper format, and conversion to digital storage is a time-consuming process. This makes it cumbersome to go and look for entries about the properties. With blockchain all this information can be stored online and be accessible at any time, saving the time and money of municipalities as well as real estate professionals.

Not only is it inconvenient, but storing physical records also makes the industry more vulnerable to fraud. There is a reason why the U.S. title insurance industry sees about 17 billion dollars in revenue each year. Loading property records in blockchain can alleviate some of the problems associated with maintaining the physical security of records with keeping records on the blockchain the core technology behind Blockchain is the fact that in fact, chain blocks is a chain of buildings. STATEU  Each new block is new. The house and at the same time confirmation that past transactions are genuine and valid. This makes it very difficult for hackers to try to hack blockchain because the system has been developed by auto regular. Using the share proof algorithm, transactions pass quickly and safely, as the hacker will be a steakhouse, hacker, will be the owner of many tokens, and the owner of many buildings.

Keeping a block record makes it easier to find and track properties. Examples of this include properties that have been seized on tax liens, abandoned, and properties without good totals. All of them are objects of fraud. Record keeping in the blockchain also has great potential for the democratization of real estate, especially in the least developed countries. This will allow people to check their property, which means to get solvency and credits for new businesses. By using public and private keys, validating transactions on nodes, and storing data in a workbook can increase transparency and eliminate fraud. The conversation about the precedent of keeping records of property in the blockchain bleeds in the second important component-the transfer of property. This technology allows you to check each transaction through the nodes in the network and add it to the blocks. STATEU  The share proof algorithm uses a consensus of the stakeholders, which proves that each transaction is valid because it is decentralized, uses an open source workbook so that anyone can see the transaction in blocks. This verifies each transaction between all users, making it extremely difficult to commit fraud, allowing transactions to occur without the approval of the central authority.

Another big change in blockchain technology is smart contracts. There is another technology called Ethereum, which is very similar to Bitcoin but is based on it with the development of smart contracts.

As a result, we observe a well-thought-out project with aggressive ambitions and all chances to realize them!
 The project is implemented very simply and at the same time contains a huge functionality and a good idea to solve a lot of problems!
 This project has very good ratings in most listings, and it is justified, given its almost unique idea and professional implementation.
 The project team does everything in its power to maintain and raise the project. He is happy to answer all the questions of the community and investors.
And the main thing it will not disappear after ICO! And this is extremely important in our time.
 As I said, the evaluation of the project is very high, and give them not ordinary people, and professionals of the business! I advise you to learn more about this project, I see it has huge potential!
 I am very glad that you have read to the end, and it means that you liked my review and this project. And this is the main thing I wanted to achieve by working on this review. I tried to convey all the information collected, in the shortest and simplest, all understandable, form!

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