STOPTHEFAKES Service Allowing its Users to Detect Violators of Intellectual Property Rights,

StopTheFakes will be the solution for the problems facing the middle of hijacking content and forgery. StopTheFakes is a decentralized platform which aims to detect counterfeiting and breach of intellectual property rights, which would be created on the platform of smart contracts Ethereum. ICO StopTheFakes platform will allow communities to hunt illegal content, then the public will be given the prize of the efforts undertaken. With the presence of this StopTheFakes platform, expected all artists such as designers, bands, and the makers of goods can enjoy more income. As well as reciprocal to the public is, the public will get a service or product the original so that the quality of the product is guaranteed for authenticity.

Blockchain is a technology that is believed will be the solution for the whole industry in Government in all sectors especially in the field of finance, because it has facilities that are really needed for the future. Technology Blockchain on StopTheFakes ICO will be implemented with an Open Source License and is used to store data information and track the path of a product the original transaction. Smart Contract from Ethereum Blockchain also be used to make payments against someone who contributed to the platform and is also used to create Token utilities. With Blockchain technology, any type of transaction will be recorded in ledgers or journals, and these records cannot be modified by anyone for eternity. So, falsification of data will not be made and the original will be more clearly visible flow transfer hands.

Benefits from ICO StopTheFakes
By participating in the ICO StopTheFakes, you support all the objectives and mission of the Platform is StopTheFakes, and here are some of the benefits that can be felt by the community when StopTheFakes standing platform.
Benefits To Copyright Holders
StopTheFakes platform will maximize the role of the United States DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) to regulate the standards of copyright regulation. StopTheFakes platform will minimize the costs incurred by the copyright holder to find violations. The platform will be in collaboration with freelancers, so StopTheFakes platform will be as a platform to inform copyright infringement which can be accessed by everyone including the copyright holder.
They will be able to detect and stop the sale of counterfeit goods quickly. They will be given a map of violations which allows them improve their marketing policy. The cost of detection and false documentation will be much lower for them than ever before, resulting in the eradication of these offences entirely complete or at least considerable reductions in densely populated areas. After finding out the root of the problem, the next step will be performed by the copyright holders to report people suspected of guilt to the authorities.
Benefit For The Consumer
The most impact felt when a copyright holder get their due, then the company will first settled freely leih, improve their service or product because it is driven by a great financial community.
People who buy goods, view photos and videos and playing games every day will get licensed content at a lower cost. The quality of the product will increase, because it would be easier for a trademark to protect themselves from misuse of their products and counterfeit goods. Consumers will buy their products without the dubious quality or effect on health
Benefits For Government
The participation of the Government in rooting out copyright infringement standards action will feel lighter. But we know, pahwa each activity concerned with the Government, then it will take no small amount. With the establishment of the StopTheFakes platform, then the Government will be helped by the participation of the community in eradicating copyright infringement. In addition, the funds allocated for the benefit of this can be redirected to other interests.
Another option at once to form extreme low liquidity of a coin or token is the token can be are operating with at Major Cryptocurrency Exchangers, such as Bitfinex, Bittrex, Cryptopia, Binance and others. StopTheFakes ICO project features a token of his own, where one is obliged to use this token as means of payment for a service that is provided by the StopTheFakes platform. The token is issued for purposes of remuneration by the consumer. Some of the information I can get about StopTheFakes ICO is as follows:
Total Supply 29 million: STFCoin
A Token Symbol: STFCoin
Currencies accepted: ETH (Ethereum) and BTC (Bitcoin)
Price rate: 1 ETH = 502 STFCoins
Minimum Transaction: 0.01 or 0.1 ETH BTC

StopTheFakes Pre-ICO
Start date: January 21, 2018
End date: February 21, 2018
Tokens available: 1,305,000 STFCoin

ICO StopTheFakes
Start date: March 21, 2018
End date: April 21, 2018
The token is available: 20,271,000 STFCoin

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