STORIQA – Helps Small Business To Start Selling Goods in 1 Hour All Over The World

STORIQA– even more of a project. This project will involve manufacturers of small, family business and independent entrepreneurs, artisans whose goal is people with creative viewpoints that believe things unique, and at the same time others are hungry to buy. As a result, our platform is the first and foremost task is to successfully produce a successful project, as a result of people who relied on investments in other crafts.
Storiqa allows a business owner to make online market their own product range for 10 minutes in the whole world, because the market has been translated into 6 languages. Storiqa has a selection of tools to direct customer feedback, sales and accounting analysis, as well as advertising and promotion, an interface that is easy to use. This platform offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs, family businesses, small producers and artisans. Storiqa competitive advantage lies in the unique combination of functions that are not owned by other similar service.
All the features needed for the success of the sales of your products. The required tools and services are already integrated in Storiqa. This platform will be useful not only for entrepreneurs and new entrants who accumulate through Boomstarter, because Storiqa simplifies the creation and management of online store of his own. The interface is easy to use and easy to use allows anyone managed to sell their works on the Internet.

Despite the fact that nowadays many design solutions for a similar store, and many of whom recently appeared due to the popularity of this area, we offer our customers a complete storage hybrid designer who not only provides the to make the store online. , a series of important business functions and complete integration with many services and third-party platforms.
The use of technology in the field of blockchain electronic commerce will promote it to a new level. Currently, the issue of payment is the biggest problem in electronic commerce, but blocking removes this problem, because the technology is becoming more common. Blockchain system records every transaction to maintain the integrity of the data, which means that all transactions transparent and well protected. In addition, technology blockchain will reduce the number of intermediaries who are required to complete the transaction, as well as charges that he wore. As a result, payment processing with chain blocks using smart contracts will be significant improvements to e-commerce.
Introduction to the project
of universal Trading Platform. First of all, we had the idea to create our own market after the success of Boomstarter, an image processing platform where small companies and new companies to find solutions unique to their project. Thanks to Boomstarter every month there are dozens of creative companies, technical and other unique, each plan to sell and start selling. During the 5 years since its inception, Boomstarter has helped fund more than 1,500 projects, which later became a profitable business project. This is the time when we had the idea to create a project that allows manufacturers and makers of this content to easily sell their products through online stores of their own.
We recognize that a successful project requires their online stores continue to grow even more.
In short, Start Your online store itself is not a simple test. A businessman takes a lot of effort, time and money to gather the team and create their own sites. However, the solution of the electronic market with the designer interface ready technology and sophisticated e-commerce can solve this problem easily. Currently, there are many solutions for electronic markets, each of which has its own mission, but all can be summarized as follows: “anyone can make and manage your online store with our help.” However, currently there is nothing to offer to its customers a combination of electronic trading services are complete and complex contracts, such as intellectuals, payment for cryptography,

Product name: — STQ
early coursework is 100 STQ = 1 ETH
minimum Purchase is 1 STQ
Block — Ethereal
Bonds for first investors.
+ 25% — 1 day
+ 20% — 2 – 3 days
+ 15% — 4 – 6 days
+ 10% — 7-10 days
+ 5% — 11 – 14 days
+ 0% — 15 – 30 days

Details of ICO
Storiqa internally developed gradually, with the expansion of the customer base and the attraction of investment funds, additional tools and functionality to users will be introduced.
Chips purchased by the participants of the campaign gives the right to receive bonuses.
Users who buy token STQ from 18 September at 00:00 UTC until 18 September at 23:59 UTC receives a bonus of + 25%.
The users who bought the coins from 19 September 00:00 UTC until 20 September UTC 23:59 will receive an additional bonus of 20%.
The users who bought the coins from 21 September 00:00 UTC until 23 September 23:59 UTC will receive an additional 15% bonus.
The users who bought the coins from 24 September 00:00 UTC until 23.59 o’clock UTC September 27, will receive a bonus of + 10%.
The users who bought the coins from September 28 to October 1, 00:00 UTC at UTC 23:59 will receive a bonus of + 5%.
The Bonus is credited to your account immediately along with the symbol of the STQ.
The mechanism for calculating bonuses and stock Division specified in the Charter of the company. All payments are made through a contract. After the results of the quarterly, the holder chip fits with its shares receiving a percentage of STQ that is issued.

Distribution of Token:
Token STQ distributed among participants of ICO as follows: 20% will be sold to investors, 75% will remain in the project team, the Awards reward is 5%.
After the completion of ICO, you can sell the chips on the market and get the equivalent amount.
Save the chips and get a bonus. The bonds are awarded quarterly at STQ.

Introduction to Storiqa
Storiqa allows employers to make a market of their own online in 10 minutes and increase the number of their customers, including foreign customers, because the market has been translated into 6 languages. Storiqa offers a variety of tools to direct customer comments, an analysis of the accounting and sales, as well as advertising and promotion, as well as an easy to use interface and easy to use. Our platform offers excellent opportunities for independent entrepreneurs, family businesses, small producers and manufacturers of craft. Competitive edge Storiqa is a unique combination of functions that are not owned by other similar service.
All the tools and services necessary for a successful sale of Your products already integrated in Storiqa. This platform will be useful not only for new entrepreneurs and start-up launched via Boomstarter, but also for the actual store owner, because the Storiqa greatly simplifies the creation and administration of the online store. Interface design that is simple and easy to use allows a person to successfully sell their works on the Internet.
Power Storiqa: Although currently many similar solutions to the designer warehouse, and many of them have just surfaced due to the popularity of this area, we offer our customers a complete storage hybrid designer who not only provides tools for creating an onlineStore, but also has important business functions and full integration with many services and third-party platforms.
Why does it really work? If you plan to create new services or new platform, a reasonable question arises: who can guarantee that your proposal will be recognized and get enough momentum? The answer is: Storiqa really bring results, because this is what our audience needed! Storiqa is a project that will unite the individual entrepreneurs, small producers, family business and craft producers. Our target audience is the creative people who created unique things that other people want to buy. In the end, our platform designed especially for a successful Boomstarter project that has paid off thanks to the people who trust them and decided to invest their money in other people’s crafts.
In addition, because of our experience in the field and advanced technology, we know how to make a platform on the market that actually work. Here’s what you need:
Payment payment and integrated support for smart contract
Payment is a problem for sellers and buyers. How about the final cost of goods sold is calculated and whether maintenance costs and exchange rates calculated? Storiqa allows you to shop online with ease from anywhere in the world without any worries. Our platform to process payments directly, without intermediaries, using the currency of your choice, the price currency cryptograph which is determined by the seller. In addition, an intelligent integrated contacts make transactions very quickly and safely. Smart contract guarantees that the money went into the seller, when and only when the buyer confirms delivery. As a result, the buyer make payments only after the arrival of orders,

The future of Storiqa: supporting the position of the advanced e-commerce, Storiqa will perform all transactions exclusively as smart contracts to ensure maximum security (because the seller will only receive funds when shoppers confirm the shipment). In addition, in the future, this platform will be equipped with applications for Android and iOS, which will make the purchase quickly and easily. In addition, we also plan to present multiple-currencies wallet with the ability to purchase using a currency cryptograph, which do not depend on fluctuations in exchange rates. Storiqa will make a purchase “2 click” which allowed anywhere in this world.

The power of Storiqa
while there are many similar shops constructor solutions are currently working, and many more have surfaced recently because of the popularity of the field, we offer our clients a full complement stores constructor series complete
and important business features full integration with many services and third-party platforms. And first and foremost, we offer to our clients blockchain-based systems
that are reliable and transparent.

Token STQ
Emitted by Storiqa, token STQ is a key element of the functionality of the platform. The seller can use the token to get all they need to operate a successful store — that is, to open up more slot items in their store and pay the service fee Storiqa. On the other hand, the buyer can use tokens to buy goods with tariffs are cost effective, thanks to the low transaction costs. In addition, the STQ is acceptable as a reward for purchasing and advertising references through CPA networks platform-wide. In short, the STQ will present around the platform, which will determine the value of the token: as Storiqa grows and new functions available, the relative value of the token will increase.