STREAMITY Development of a World Scale P2P Platform Comprises Many Different Aspects

STREAMITY In an age of increasingly sophisticated an awful lot of competition. It is important for traders to have a dynamic thinking because it helps them see the world trade as a whole and is not limited to the environment around it. Here I will explain the Platform Streamity regarding world trade, straight to the core of the material.

Various people have understanding and explanation of trade, according to CoinMarketCap data on the average number of daily trades in September 2017 cryptocurrencyexceed 4 billion u.s. dollars, and a market capitalization of 130 billion on top of the crypto the U.S. dollar. However, the market cryptocurrency is too small compared to the amount of currency trading in the traditional world. Thus, the daily volume of trade on the FOREX market are assessed by the Bank for International Settlements be 5.1 trillion us dollars. At the level of the development of crypto-cardiac moment, these numbers can be reached by a crypto market already in 2-3 years. Therefore, it is rather likely that soon we will live in a new reality in which market exchange cryptocurrency will become the world market dominates.

Exchange: cryptographic Streamity decentralized service will develop a fair StreamDeskof competent and thorough to Exchange cryptocurrency to the fiat currency without the intermediary of third parties. All will protect users from cheating. The project Streamity is a technology and a powerful source of information covering all aspects of engineering blockchain and was created for the development of a free and massive distribution.

DAPP: STREAMDESK Streamity developing applications using distributed database of decentralization for the exchange of cryptocurrency directly. StreamDesk is a P2P platform where both parties conduct transactions is individual. There is no comparison between StreamDesk and conventional financial institutions, such as banks or the stock exchange, because fiat money is transferred directly between individuals. StreamDesk is an innovative P2P platform based on blockchain technology, interesting because of security conditions and a profitable transaction. The whole process is very remote, which gives the time savings for users.

ADVANTAGES of STM TOKENS: Tokens of all STM will exchange traded open crypto key that will enable it to be available to new users and let investors sell it immediately then. STREAMITY service development and the influx of new users will create a steady demand for STM. Thus, token STM has infinite potential for growth of the exchange rate in relation to fiat currencies, and also against the main crypto. Because the STREAMITY project is based on the popular masses, the service request will service the project will be maintained for the cryptocurrency market conditions. Therefore, we expect stable growth rate STM with relatively low volatility.

Users who are interested in service STREAMITY

They receive a token of STM with a much lower price than the price at the time of the launch of a service that gives them significant savings when using a
STREAMITY Crypto-investor services.

They can makes a profit by selling the token STM in the secondary market or STM as a component of token use low-risk of their investment portfolio.
The Detail Token Streamity The name Token key elements of the ecosystem is STREAMITY Streamitytoken (STM) which is an internal currency project. This means that payment for all services of the project should be accepted, only in STM. The number of tokens. STM token will be published on the Platform of ethereum number of STM is very strict and limited 186 million tokens. In the future the STM will
not generated began to exchange rates. The cost of one token is determined on the level of 0.2 u.s. dollar for a token. Tokens will be distributed in proportion to the amount contributed by the investors during the ICO is subject to a premium because of them. 1STM price at ETH will be set one hour before PRE-ICO ICO/appropriate exchange rates currency exchange markets Poloniex, ETH-USD exchange rates will be updated every hour.

ALE PHASE # 1 TOKEN = 1 day 20% bonus and bonus 2-14 days 15%
Will Start: 12.03.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow time, UTC-8)
The final finished: 25.03.2018 (12:00:00 Moscow time, UTC-8)
Phase # 2 = 10% bonus
From: 16.04.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow time, UTC-8)
Final: 29.04.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow time, UTC-8)
STM SUPPLAY TOKEN = 186.000.000 STM and STM 1 = 0.2 USD

PRE-ICO Streamity
Start: 25.12.2017 (12:00 PM Moscow time, UTC-8)
Final: 28.01.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC-8)
Special offer discounts depending on the desired phase the investor supports the proyek30%-discount recommended for pre-ICO.
Then ICO would have two phases

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