StreamPay – Enterprise Supply Chain Risk Monitoring and Payment Tracking Solution

Streampay  – The platform is especially useful for businesses because it helps them track the movement of goods using a payment application for the Streampay sales agent to track the information provided on the product’s QR codes.QR codes allow the parties within a transaction to track the movement of goods from the moment they were raw materials to their production in finished products. With intelligent contracts based on the blockchain, technology users can also check for real-time movement in the supply chain. It will also manage the payment process on behalf of users, thus offering them a worry-free experience in the supply chain process.

Streampay also has a global payment and tracking system that implements blockchain technology when managing smart contracts. Streampay  The system is available through the consumer’s smartphone and is compatible with all forms of payments and currencies around the world. The system synchronizes with the user’s e-wallet, so any payments made on the platform will be reflected on the user’s wallet.
As soon as the user subscribes to the platform, they will receive a debit card, which can be either a Visa card or MasterCard. The card allows the user to make purchases or services from any merchant accepting Visa or MasterCard. The platform will include intelligent contracts in the payment tool to ensure the security of the user’s funds.

Services include calculating the amount that the customer must pay, creating an invoice for the calculated amount, and providing the customer with payment options that they can use. In addition to simplifying the transaction process for merchants, this service will also allow sellers to offer discounts, deploy loyalty programs to customers, and more effectively control stocks.

Streampay Property:
1. Supply Chain Improvement
Since the platform allows the user to track the supply chain process from the time the raw material is purchased until it is processed into finished products, users can identify the components in the supply chain that can be changed To improve the supply chain process faster processes
Using blockchain technology, Streampay can identify the parties in the supply chain that are slowing down the process. Streampay  Thus, it allows businesses to get rid of such parties and add new parties that can speed up the process.
2. Reduced risks
Through Streampay transfer services, the user can transfer money to other users without risk of risk of volatility and fraud, as the platform disperses risk on the platform and implements measures to ensure the detection Fraudulent users.

The purpose of selling tokens to Streampay offers potential users of the Streampay platform the right to purchase its stpy tokens through the crowd campaign, which begins on June 30, 2018.
The Stpy token is based on the decentralized standard “Ethereum” standard ERC20 token. Formed in the block-chain and subject to automatic execution in the event of predefined criteria and events and under certain conditions, stpy signs are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective owners.
Streampay O Ü is a limited liability company in Estonia and is registered in accordance with the laws of the European Union. It is subject to audit based on best practices in the market in accordance with the European regulations, thus ensuring full transparency and absolute accountability for all activities in Estonia, including the publication of full company reports.

Streampay  Token Stpy provides its owners with special advantages of the product, including enlarged Depending on the user’s activity. Stpy are not shares, securities or their equivalents and therefore do not create the ownership or disposition of Streampay or its Asset. Stpy holders have no influence on the decision making of the company or its activities.

The ID of the Streampay token.
The platform will work with the use of Streampay tokens. These tokens are available for purchase during the pre-ICO, which is expected to take place on June 30, 2018.
ICO Options
Token symbol: STPY
Token Price: 1 stpy 1.00 USD
Accepted payment method: ETH
Standard Ethereum Token
Soft cap: 100 000 US Dollars
Rigid cover: 50 000 000 US dollars

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