StreamPay – Universal Payment and Tracking Method

Streampay  uses intelligent contract technology to track raw materials to finished products. The solution provides management and monitoring of supply and quality for risk reduction and management of sustainability.
Streampay – Use Technologies constantly
Distributed journals to create articles to insert into smart contracts, supply manufacturers, suppliers, sellers, logistics companies, and customers can track goods and services from raw materials to finished products using QR codes and Digital Signatures.
Streampay uses the technology of contract intelligent circuits to track raw materials and finished products. 
Streampay will create a multilevel infrastructure to support stpy liquidity, including:
Bancor Protocol Exchange stpy from Streampay
The Stpy token is based on the decentralized standard ERC20 of the Ethereum standard. Streampay
Generated in a chain of blocks and subject to automatic execution when predefined criteria and events occur and under certain conditions.
The Streampay Payment tracking solution uses smart contract technology to track raw materials to the finished product. 
Liquidity Streampay Token (stpy)
Streampay will create a multilevel infrastructure to support stpy liquidity and include the following: Protocol Bancor Exchange stpy from Streampay
Token Stpy provides its owners with the special advantages of the product, including the increase of rewards depending on the user’s activity. The owners of stpy have no influence on the decision making by the company or its activities.
Streampay Debit card allows suppliers and consumers
Purchase products from any side they want, Streampay  even outside the coverage area of the Streampay network. Streampay has its own algorithm that has been developed for risk assessment. It forms the basis of our risk index. Streampay automatically calculates the best provider based on the business rules provided by the user.
A team of talented and highly qualified professionals joined the start-up and the founder to form a vision and assemble the basic documents and prototype to continue the realization of this idea.

This solution allows companies to monitor the supply chain to determine if they are at risk. Streampay   has a risk index that alerts users of their panels in case of problems in the supply chain. Streampay manages the quality assurance to ensure that the finished products meet the requirements defined by the customers. It also allows inspectors to issue certifications to vendors and partners. Finally, Streampay allows parts of a transaction to make strategic decisions and their smart contracts issue payments to suppliers when goods or services are delivered, in accordance with the terms of smart contracts. The parties can pay in dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies, and the Streampay Wallet maintains the current local exchange rate. This gives users a hassle-free payment experience 

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