SUBAJ A Blockchain Based Loyalty Infrastructure

SUBAJ – In our daily lives, all people in the world are engaged in one thing, namely spending money, in order to live in abundance and in favorable conditions. For example: Pay for products, utilities, medicines, clothing, education, gadgets, flats, cars and much more. All this is combined with the fact that all this is paid from bank accounts, credit cards or cash, the amount spent is not refundable. But we are on the verge of change, a decentralized platform has already been created, where absolutely different entrepreneurs, companies, enterprises, service providers can get the mutual benefit when working with each other and the name “Subaj”. Now let’s talk more.

Subaj Global Network is a platform that appeared in the form of the first unique and global ecosystem of the blockchain, which is realized for making online payments, carrying out promo-actions, as well as conducting programs of remuneration exchange, which Participants can use mobile methods. This platform creates a large market where all kinds of companies, entrepreneurs, service providers can participate and benefit from it. Project participants can make decisions in creating their own tokens for doing business, as well as reward their potential customers. Distinguishing feature of Subaj from other projects is that this platform created on the basis of blockchain allows its participants to freely bargain with the created tokens with tokens Subaj (SBJ) which in turn traded with Public everywhere cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum.

I cannot but tell you about the good deeds of Subaj — by creating a charitable foundation, the creators of this project want to improve our world by financing in the sphere of low-income children around the world. This is very cool!! Through charity, education will be improved through the construction of new schools and other educational institutions for the education of poor and disadvantaged children. Introduction of computer and mobile technologies in economically backward regions. And the opening of new hospitals, trauma in economically poor regions.

This project is fundamentally unique, and I think that it will be successful in the market, as well as the show itself exclusively from the best side. I will definitely support this project and will follow closely the implementation of the roadmap. It is now time to invest in this project.
Among other things, working with the SubajCharitable Foundation, you can work together to help and support the sick and needy children around the world. You can support this movement by simply acquiring the usual things, and for that, you will also receive rewards for loyalty. Thus, this project is mutually beneficial for all customers who can also be part of the changes taking place in their society. The more purchases you make, the more coupons you get. And the more you redeem the coupons, the more you help humanity.

Project Technologies
The platform is built on the basis of blockchain technology, where all participants can create their own tokens. These tokens will then be offered to customers as a reward for loyalty. Any company within its network will be able to create its own cryptocurrency, which will be supported by the SBJ token.

In the field of technology, the project cooperates with the Indian company Oodles Technologies, which offers complex solutions in the blockchain system for different business processes. This company has developed the entire ecosystem of the platform. Thanks to it, any companion of the project is easy to create their own cryptocurrency.

A few features:
Token name: SJB
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 5 billion SJB
Price: 1 SBJ = $0.05

Quantity: 1 billion SJB
Start: 18.06.2018
Completion: 18.07.2018
From 300 000 SJB 10%
From 600 000 SJB 20%
From 1 million SJB 30%

Quantity: 1.5 billion SJB
Start: 19.07.2018
Completion: 01.08.2018
19-25 July 5%
July 26-August 1 0%.

As the first platform for purchase and reward, Subaj offers innovative technology in the world of Retail & reward Commerce. With augmented reality, geo drop technology, artificial intelligence Subaj shows how the actions between the token Subaj and other cryptocurrencies of different companies will awaken the rewards and purchases sector using this technology.


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