SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP) Provides a Crypto Exchange Facility

SUBAJ – is a decentralized platform and market where companies, retailers and service providers can participate in their mutual benefit. Participants can create their own cryptocurrency and offer them to their customers in exchange for loyalty in the Subaj Global Network.
This platform can be used by various suppliers, enterprises, companies, institutions and service providers, which can offer the labels themselves SBJ or THEM as a loyalty to their customers. Subaj solves the loyalty problem. Customers now receive Subaj tokens based on value as loyalty bonuses for each stimulus, discount, gift, offer, coupon they collect, through the GLOBAL Subaj NETWORK. Using advanced technology (augmented reality, AI technology, Geodrop Technology, social Gamifikaciju), the seller can leave its offers in the real world and identify them in the vicinity, which is then collected by customers, Moving in this zone.
Each time a client receives a gift, it receives an SBJ token free of charge. Merchants also receive SBJ bonuses after their prizes are collected. The percentage of Subaj tokens collected is sent to the Subaj Charitable foundation, where the platform implements projects for homeless and disadvantaged children around the world (clean water, vaccines, digital literacy, Internet). Subaj Token controls the entire global shopping ecosystem and increases the cost every time a purchase is made anywhere. General Information
1. Does not matter from the existing remuneration system.
2. Lack of transparency between traders and customers.
3. No mobile strategy to attract new customers.
4. Lack of support to traders and constant competition.
5. Poor communication mode between merchants and customers.
1. Instant access to various types of offers, discounts and loyalty programs.
2. The transparent system in which traders and clients interact and communicate.
3. Geodrop Technology for instant interaction with customers.
4. Traders will receive active support from the international community.
5. Real-time communication tools between traders and customers.
Quantity: 1 billion SJB
Start: 18.06.2018
Completion: 18.07.2018
From 300 000 SJB 10%
From 600 000 SJB 20%
From 1 million SJB 30%
Quantity: 1 500 000 000 SJB
Start: 19.07.2018
Completion: 01.08.2018
19-25 July 5%
July 26-August 1 0%
Road Map
● 2010 (Global trading platform)
● 2013 (digital currency platform)
● 2016 (launch of the IPO of mobile trading companies on the Paris Stock Exchange market)
● 2017 (Strategy Fintech & Blockchain for the store and the gift industry)
● 2018 (Subaj Global Network)
● 2018 June-July (Sales token)
● 2018 (List of developers and sub-coins)
● December 2018 (Exchange and Wallet applications)
● June 2019 (POS, Marketplace)
● 2019 July (Geodrop, a rate for loyalty and Merchant)
The Subaj team notes that this platform acts as an exchange point between the buyer and the seller. The stock Exchange creates an “exclusive cryptocurrency”, which is drawn exclusively inside the Subaj. If necessary, the owner of “exclusive tokens” can translate them into a single form SBJ, and then withdraw in the form of popular cryptocurrency and cash out. Thanks to this system sellers can increase the level of sales at times, attracting new customers, giving them certain bonuses when buying goods and services through Subaj.
The Platform developers Note that enterprises will be able to generate up to 5 types of tokens. Within the framework of circulation of SBJ, there is a certain distribution of cryptocurrency between all clients of the site (founders, Sellers, consultants, buyers, etc.). As the capitalization of cryptocurrency to Subaj at the level of 5 billion SBJ, the Subaj team plans to reach new heights-70 million dollars. If this value is not reached, all collected funds and unsold tokens will be redistributed between the clients of the system.

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