Swiss Alps Energy Connecting the World of Blockchain With Environmentally Friendly Mining

Swiss Alps Energy – Current life and industry acceptance of cryptocurrency among the wider community still proved difficult because of some service providers related to the issues of reputation. The overall shift to digital currency is running slow, and this breakthrough technology is rarely used to its full potential. Blockchain technology simplifies a wide range of business processes and transactions, giving transparency and security, making the party the provider centralized unnecessary and reduce costs.

With blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and environmental issues blockchain technologies revolutionized the fiat currency in view of conventional mining because it allows digital currencies. The introduction of the bitcoin changed the whole landscape and became the gold standard for cryptocurrencies.

What Dimakasud With Switzerland Alps Mining.?
Switzerland Alps Mining and Energy was the first company in the world to use the system to restore electricity ORC from heat waste generated by mining system. The placement of the mining facilities in the Alps Switzerland took advantage of the fact that water has a lower boiling point at this altitude, resulting in the restoration of electricity is much more efficient than heat. Because the system of mining on the site-this site does not require the additional cooling by an air cooling system, power consumption can be reduced to SAM cube 50% compared to conventional mining system. With this unique approach to solving global problems, SAM mining.

Switzerland Alps Energy AG (SAE) also known as the energy supplier ledger-based distribution and flexible modular mining infrastructure operators which are intended for the stationary use of the long term. Thus, SAE maintains buildings that are not used in Switzerland alps and use it wisely and without interruption well with the structure of a building or environment.

Switzerland Alps Energy AG will hold Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The funds collected in the ICO will be used to finance the development and expansion of mining facilities and to obtain ownership in the power plant water. Sam SAM, token, token is ERC20. This can be used as means of payment in the SAE and mining the universe service and will be traded outside the platform of SAM in all relevant exchange.
Destination Switzerland Alps Mining and Energy
 to promote the technology blockchain and its use to a wider public
 to provide third-party client/decentralized infrastructure to project developers based their own blockchain.
 to address environmental problems associated with crypto mining around the world.
 to support local economies in the mountains of Switzerland and facilitates the digital transformation in this field.
 to be suppliers of electricity using technology a great book that is distributed.

SAM Platform Switzerland Alps Mining and Energy
SAM Switzerland Alps platform Mining and Energy will provide Sam’s wallet is fully compatible with the existing token and exchanges that allow for easy withdrawal and purchase tokens. The Sam token holders can also use the wallet anything that supports the Ethereum contract ERC20. This purse also offers the purchase of coin currency Sam with crypto as BTC and ETH. Users can interact with the platform via the web, desktop, and mobile devices. They can invest in their platforms Sam coins SAE to rent power mining and cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, DASH, etc.
This platform also provides a detailed analysis of the investment and their appreciation. This analysis allows the user to monitor how their money is used.

ICO Switzerland Alps Mining and Energy
SAM (Sam) token is a token ERC20. This can be used as means of payment in the SAE and mining the universe service and will be traded on the stock exchange at all SAM platforms relevant.
For more information about our ICO, Total Token Supply: 239 ‘ 682 ‘ 538 SAM
 14 ‘ 583 ‘ 333 Sam (6.0844%): it will be sold in a pre-order Sale.
 65 ‘ 178 ‘ 571 Sam (68.9156%): it will be reserved for a major Sale and Token Token to the next Sale and activities.
 23 ‘ 968 ‘ 250 Sam (10%): will be provided to team founder and partner, which 16 ‘ 777 ‘ 775 (70% of the 23 ‘ 968 ‘ 250) will not be traded for one year.
 19 ‘ 174 ‘ 600 Sam (8%): will be provided to the owner initial token and Adviser, in which 11 ‘ 504 ‘ 760 (60% of the 19 ‘ 174 ‘ 600) will not be exchanged for 3 years.
 4 ‘ 793 ‘ 650 Sam (2%): will be backed up for a bounty campaign.
 11 ‘ 984 ‘ 125 Sam (5%): it will be reserved for future contributors

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