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SwissBorg Have you ever heard about B2B and Wealth Management? And do you know the meaning. For people who still lay about the types of investments certainly don’t know it, but for those who like to invest and are already learning about the ins and outs of investing, must already know what does B2B and Wealth management. B2B has a length of Business to Business means a business transaction that occurs between businesses with a businessman, which is between the two of these businessmen alike wanted profit and profit. While the Wealth Management services financial management and wealth, where here the investor is not limited in terms of investing to this party, and Wealth Mangement includes taking care of everything related to financial activities personal. It can be said that wealth management was acting as a personal finance manager. Wealth Management Private Banking Service is being used for a major banking institutions that offer financial services to individual clients. What B2B relationship with Wealth Management? Wealth Management is one of the businesses that belong to B2B because Wealth Management consists of financial advisor and several large investors entrust their funds on governance by Wealth Mangement with the purpose of gaining profit. But many problems in investing against Wealth Management, and sometimes did not match that in the expected because in this type of investment there are many hidden costs that must be paid, not transparent, the use of digital technology that is bad, too much time consuming and also the risk of the investment is not in accordance with the return in May and many other shortcomings.

But maybe you think, now that the investment boom is investing again cryptocurrency, but the question is it easy and safe to invest in cryptocurrency? That is not easy to get a consistent profit in market volatility and fluctuations due to crypto market high, in addition to other problems in cryptocurrency is often going to hack against the exchange and other blockchain projects, the existence of more than 1.000 crypto in the market and some of it is not all real crypto crypto so there was even finally have no value, in addition to the new people get into cryptocurrency will have difficulty when starting invest here. And look at these problems, a team who have years of experience in the investment banking industry and create a project called SwissBorg.

What is SwissBorg ?
As described above in the investing through Wealth Management and also in the cryptocurrency market has many problems and shortcomings, be it in off-and on-chain chain. In addition problems in investing is emotionless and psikilogis investors itself such as greed, avarice and fear resulting in losses against the investor itself and to address this some Wealth Management already Use Robo advisor who has no feeling like a human (greed, fear), but it is still insufficient and does not give satisfactory results. So it appears the question where and how do I invest its good to give a satisfactory profit. be it in off-and on-chain chain. And with this SwissBorg like to tackle all these problems in order to service Wealth Management towards the investors and the community became much better by creating a CYBER SWISS banks with technology supported by blockchain.

SwissBorg is a decentralized banking based in Switzerland and was built by the community and each of the berkontributor in the ecosystem will be given reward in the form of a token. Here individual and DAO (Autonomus Decentralized Organizations) benefit from investment services of a democratic, transparent and trusted to manage their wealth cripto. Ang democratic, transparent and reliable to manage the wealth of their crypto. On the other hand, investment managers and Financial Advisors Financial/Penasihat obtain access to crypto asset classes with the best technology (blockchain & AI/Artificial Intelligence) to serve the customer better. SwissBorg will create 2 types of tokens that you later have a different function. The first token in the call SB Cryptallion token, token serves as a Multi Strategy Hedge Fund, this Token is a product of the first SwissBorg. The purpose of the Token Cryptallion Hedge Fund is to achieve a level of return/profit is sustainable and consistent in the cryptocurrency market, while downplaying the risk level due to high crypto volatiliy through the use of a strategy of diversification. And the second token in the call SwissBorg CHSB token, this product allows us to become member cyberbank by using Smart Share Token, CHSB Tokens allow the holders to vote on the project development as well as receive technical division revenue from the network SwissBorg.

How does SwissBorg?
Investment Management Division at SwissBorg, made up of experienced portfolio managers and financial advisors, asset management solutions and supply a wealth of innovative management to clients. Their staff grows with success in previous experience in achieving the leading performance under strict risk management limits using the technology of AI. Furthermore, they have made Smart Index to supply customers with diversified exposure to kriptocurrency. Any member of the public will be given the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of SwissBorg in return for a reward of 10% of revenue.
Another excellent product Swissborg is Cyborg Advisor. Cybor Advisor is the development of the Robo advisor which is certainly more sophisticated in arranging investments and has a sophisticated investment strategy with the best technology tools based on the algorithm of AI (Artificial Intelligence), help manage assets holistically with ease.
It also uses the latest payment solutions SwissBorg and termuktahir with technology IOT (Internet of Things).

What are the benefits, goals and why you should join in SwissBorg?
The project SwissBorg aims to re-evaluate the wealth management solutions supported by blockchain Ethereum. Imagine SwissBorg would be a bank that offers the best investment solutions that are available to everyone without restriction. Whether you are an individual investor, a DAO (Autonomus Decentralized Organizations) or a professional, SwissBorg will provide the service to you and anyone who can produce a democratic, decentralized ecosystem and have the skill to manage the asset portfolio of the crypto. SwissBorg also has a feature called Smart Mandate, namely the investment mandate driven by technology Blockchain Ethereum. The combination of both Cryptography and digitization allows accessibility and customization. Every customer will have a 100% smart mandate that can be customized, allowing access is transparent to the Ministry of investment and financial advisers worldwide. Additional services will be available to improve the performance of the total portfolio.

Another advantage is that we can get dividends with only token CSHB menghold.
CHSB Token will give each token holder the right to acquire 25 percent of earnings SwissBorg based on quarterly reports, all holders of CHSB Token will receive a payment in the form of appropriate contractual regulation ETH a hard-wired added. So technology C-Share will be prepared to set it to function properly, each holder is entitled to a Token CHSB SwissBorgC-Share in return for a Token CHSB. And after ICO CSHB token can be tradingkan in the exchange.

Who are the people and the team behind SwissBorg?

SwissBorg a team composed of several advisors and partners who are already experienced and professional in the field of the banking industry. One of the foundernya is the CEO of Cyrus Fazel co-founder, Anthony Lesoismier as CO Founder, Christophe Diserens as COO, Maxime Gillot as CIO. And many team, advisor and partner to the other, all of which can be seen on their website.

Details Of ICO SwissBorg

SwissBorg will create 2 types of tokens that will be distributed for ICO, i.e. SwissBorg token CSHB (CSHB) are categorized as a Token Share and Cryptallion (CSB) as a Token of the Fund. In the ICO SwissBorg later require verification of AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer), such as ID CARDS.
ICO start: 7 December 2017
Symbol Token: CSHB
Purchase: BTC, ETH
Type Token: ERC20
CSHB Token prices: 0.1 CHF
The price of the Cryptallion Token (CSB): 0.01 ETH
Minimum purchase: 1 Token
Total supply: 1 billion Token

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