Tachain – Innovating the Travel Service and Advertising Industries

Tachain is a modern ecosystem that combines transport, advertising, trade, and entertainment industries. Transport transportation at all times was in demand and always brought profit. Transport business can be attributed to one of the oldest in the world. Epochs have changed, needs of the population too, and necessity in transport services, as well as in food, as always. No industry can do without transport.

According to the latest data, there are about 80 international transport corridors on the globe, which are used for cargo delivery. The European market, which has a great potential, plays a leading role in the development of the international transport network. Within the framework of the EU, a trans-European transport network has been formed, which is based on the integration of different modes of transportation into a single network. In the case of expansion to the east, it will be connected to third-country transport networks.

Worldwide, the cost of transportation services to the population is constantly growing. And, of course, the decisive role is played by the price of fuel, which continues to grow.
The way out of the current situation can be the use of such vehicles, which would help to save on fuel. such as electric vehicles. But, unfortunately, they are not so much yet and they cost a lot. But behind electric cars the future of transport business, and not so and far.

In the meantime, transport carriers have to think about how to reduce the cost of transport services. And as an option-development of logistics flows that would plan the more efficient use of vehicles, would not allow idle transport or insufficient congestion of road carriers.

For example, with the help of railway transport, it would be possible to organize high-speed communication between all countries of Europe. Already there is a high-speed trans-European railway line E30, which originates in Berlin, follows Lviv, Kiev, Moscow and on the territory of Poland crosses the highway e 59, E 65. But, unfortunately, the railway gauge of some countries does not conform to European standards and it gives some inconvenience to passengers.

In recent years, transport and logistics have become leaps steps to move to digital technology.

More and more automakers are ready to launch standalone machines. This will make the industry more attractive in the coming years. Acceleration of growth of e-commerce and growth of demand for freight will open new opportunities for development of Digital Technologies in the World branch of logistics.

Logistics providers have already switched to the test phase of Blokchejnov use and are seeking to use partners in the financial and technological sectors. Blockchain can be used to register and track shipments and transactions, as it will increase transparency and reduce the cost of back office, which is beneficial to everyone in the chain-both carriers, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

At the same time, this year and in the near future, the growth of purchases through mobile applications is predicted. Retailers and brands are striving to improve their profits in mobile commerce and are forecasting that e-commerce is expected to be nearly half the volume of commerce in the United States by 2021. Improvements to mobile applications and browsers will take place in the following directions: increase mobile application speed and embed in AR applications. AR tools will include product demonstration, a trial version of the virtual product, etc. For more information.

But the transport business and advertising business must unite, restructure and adapt to the conditions and requirements of the new digital age. Tachain is a transport and advertising network, a completely new ecosystem that meets the requirements of the new time.

Tachain is based on Blockchain and aims to unite the transport, advertising, trade and entertainment industries.
The Tachain systemis based on three equivalent platforms that interact with each other. This is transportal, Adnet-a modern advertising platform and Tmarg-Token market for people to trade. Tachain offers to provide tokens to TCHN transport providers, and users will receive tchn for their travel and travel.

Tachain has created an application for taxi service providers and users.
Advertisers for TCHN tokens will be able to advertise their product on the platform.

ICO Details:
Token name: Tchn
Token value: $0.01
Maximum number of tokens: 2 275 000 000
ICO Date-July 2018-October 2018
The tokens will be distributed as follows:
1. Advisors and team-5%
2. Reserve-20%
3. ICO and Pre-sale-60%
4. Bounty-5%
5. Funds-10%


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