TenXcoin – The New Decentralized Digital Era!

TenXcoin  Possessing undoubted advantages of cryptocurrency as yet cannot become a full-fledged replacement of our money, there are a number of problems which need to be solved before the general public will take them. However, in digital money, the process of becoming and implantation goes much faster than traditional finance, which took more than a century to go from the stones and shells that took in the form of money to the digital code on the server of the bank, Money became Convenient to use, practical in use, safer in storage, but cryptocurrency can absorb all their best traits and multiply them by the advantages that the blockchain gives us. 
In digital currencies, this process is much faster than conventional money, today there are thousands of cryptocurrency who proudly call themselves substitutes of fiat money, murderers of the old financial system and conductors in the new digital age. But in fact their The real use ends with the opportunity to speculate on the stock exchanges, then it does not go. It is not enough simply to create cryptocurrency, it is necessary to create around it the whole branch which will serve the whole system, our cards, in fact, do not mean anything without banks and their servers, software and the whole set of other auxiliary systems, and at Cryptocurrency, there must be a whole infrastructure without which they remain symbols on the screen. Most digital assets do not have this, because today none of these currencies and has not received mass use and widespread, but still there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as Bitcoin has previously changed the vision of money and made a revolution in Many spheres, and with the help of Tenxcoin industry cryptocurrency will make a grand race and finally cryptocurrency becomes real.

Tenxcoin is a revolutionary approach to digital assets, the project’s task is to translate the attention of people from the speculation of cryptocurrency to their real use, while providing all the necessary tools. The platform offers a fully operational ecosystem centered on the user and his interests.
Tenxcoin sets itself the task of becoming true global forex, TenXcoin  looking at the processes of globalization that are now happening very important that one currency could pay for purchases anywhere without the slightest problems or inconveniences that it would be available to everyone without restrictions, but it was targeted at its users, for each user.
At the forefront of the Tenxcoin puts each of its users. It is they who will create the real value of the token and maintain its profitability, they will be able to earn a real applied and liquid token simply having a smmarfton, in which they will be given the opportunity to earn by performing simple Actions, such as passing polls or tests, watching videos or performing other valuable actions for Tenxcoin, the user will be rewarded with tokens that he can spend both inside the platform and behind the system.
The economic model of Tenxcoin token
TenXcoin  As already mentioned little simply to create a digital currency, it is necessary to make work the whole system as money does not work without banks, and banks do not mean anything without money, but as though there was no in any case in the equation there is a word “money”, in our case they are replaced Tenxcoin platform token. Many studies and test surveys have shown that users prefer not to buy cryptocurrency, but to earn digital assets. In this way people will create wealth themselves by earning tokens and doing useful work for the ecosystem they will develop the project, the value on the token will grow with the arrival of new users and so in a circle.
TenXcoin  understands the importance of the era in which we enter, understands how important it is to make a working ecosystem and make users the core of the entire system while remaining fully decentralized and reliable.
The project certainly has a clear vision of the final result, in which everyone regardless of the place of residence and other factors available currency from Tenxcoin, certainly far-reaching and extensive embodied project teams will be implemented, some of the Major innovations we will see already at the beginning of the 2019 year.

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