Ternion – Hybrid Crypto Exchange With a Fiat Gateway and Integrated Merchant Services

Ternion is a licensed digital exchange platform integrated with the Fiat Gateway and trading services.This need to expand the availability of market crypto modern way i.e. by linking financial services to the decentralized financial system, which has the facilities and increase of innovations in financing funds crypto. In addition, Ternion aims to promote innovation in crypto by developing cryptocurrency, which has real support for profitable business and is not dependent on speculation, but rather on natural market forces.

Financial model: Asset price through a token
To provide a reliable liquidity, ternion works on sector financial models based on the strength of the market today. Ternion financial models and the very ecosystems support it provides Ternion..”. Ternion Toner (TRN) is an integral part of the ecosystem and serves as the national currency for the three fundamental pillars of Ternion: Exchange, TERNION payments, and liquidity reserve.

Token burn
Financial models based on the use of tokens have shown that they offer a number of key benefits. The level of the token burn will be different from the income derived from the Ternion ecosystem and cannot be guaranteed. We have developed three scenarios to give the depositor more clarity about the relationship between the unselected income and the token

The platform is available through a mobile application and Web application, making it convenient not only for institutional players but also for any of the retail investors.

Transparent and reliable
Ternion will conduct an annual audit of the transactions and operation of the platform to ensure transparency and reliability, informing the public about any future promotion.

Adherence to the rules
The exchange of ternion now already has a license to trade in Europe and already complies with all the regulations of European countries

Customer Support 24/7
The platform has a full customer support service, which even contains top management that will help customers when they have any problems or questions related to ternion.

Road Map:
Work in the ternion ecosystem, which had the purpose of Ternion is to reduce the amount of time that has been lost between the main stage and give investors access to the ecosystem of Ternion immediately after the public sale. This will give us a decisive advantage against competitors, which are usually mired in long delivery terms after the ICO. The next roadmap includes all the major stages of Ternion ecosystem development.

Token Sales Details:
Tokens: TRN
Token protocol: ERC20
Shared token: 95 000 000 TRN
Token delivery in pre-sale: 22 500 000 TRN
Token submission during ICO: 53 500 000 TRN
Pre-sale Date: Active until June 28, 2018

Date of ICO:
Round A-29 June-29 August 2018 exchange rate: 1 TRN = 0.65 USD
Round B-August 30-October 2018 , exchange rate: 1 TRN = 2.10 USD
Round C-November 1-December 30 2018, exchange rate: 1 TRN = 3.23

ICO Caps:
Soft cap: $5 000 000
Hard Cap: $65 000 000

Website: https://ternion.io
Whitepaper : https://ternion.io/TernionWhitepaper_en.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4623236
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ternionofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ternionofficial
Telegram: https://t.me/TernionOfficial

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