The Auto Block Project is to Deliver a Secure Automotive

Auto Block – The effect of technology is observed today in all spheres and spheres of life. No longer is something strange about using it in the automotive business. So the Auto Block platform offers its users a set of unique products, using Cryptoalyta, which not only helps you make a transaction of vehicles safe and fast. This is a service that will give you full access to the data, history and estimated car purchased. This provides the purchasing process of the car transparent to the buyer and seller.

The autoblock team intends to make a revolution in the automotive industry and make it transparent, so sales and shopping can happen without crashing.

The main task of Auto Block-revolution in estimates of old cars and data on vehicles. the project has a possibility is to serve professional services such as insurance companies, car dealerships and rental companies that provide in the automotive industry, with accurate and easy data access and estimates.

Technology blockchain acts as an assistant. It is used to collect real-time ratings using live data, which in turn will lead to the creation of a rich database of all the specifications of the vehicles existing worldwide. The Auto Block technology will allow individuals and businesses to receive information on the data and assessments of the vehicle no matter where they are.

Advantages of the Platform
1. A distinctive sign is a fairly low transactional meeting.
2. Absolute protection of personal data theft.
3. Credit cards and all bank requisites will be under your full control and will not be provided to third parties.
4. simple transactions that do not require an international exchange rate very much
5. Autocoin had been a block and network technology can ensure that the falsification of data and returns a very improbable

How does the Auto Block platform work?
Auto Block A unique payment card will provide you with access to your balance in different currencies. Autocoin map can make it possible to quickly and easily protect all transactions not only in buying a car but also for repair and maintenance, rental payments the vision of fuel and electric charging points.

Details of the ICO
 The name of Token: AUTO COIN
 Standard Token: ERC-20
 Total output Tokenov: 400 million
 Price of Token: 1ATC = $0.25.
 Implementation period: 30.06.2018 (9:00 GMT)-10.08.2018 (9:00 GMT)
 Soft Cap-5000 ETH
 Hard Cap-40 000 ETH

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