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TRADE.IO – the industry trade crypto indeed be the main weapon to profit in the world of crypto. Those who are engaged in this business, will buy and sell crypto in time anyway. The trading platform that provides the services will be selected by the pedagan digital currency (crypto).
To give you a choice of other investments, this article will give you a little bit about io Trade platform. A high-tech platform. A platform that will launch the pre sale and ICO; please refer to and read this article

Profile of describes himself as “the next generation of financial institutions based on the technology of blockchain.” This platform was created to disrupt the status quo that existed in the financial markets to “usher in a new era of trade and finance.”
The goal initially was to create a trading platform and financial asset for crypto, built with blockchain technology. However, the long-term goal is to offer foreign exchange and CFD for precious metals, oil, commodities, indices, global equity, and more. When launched, the platform expects to have 120 + that are available to be traded. has been providing innovations and ideas that not only through the financial sector, but also the investment world ICO ICO because it stands out among the rest. Most of the Pre-ICO’s although may have a great potential, many will eventually fail due to lack of interest or lack of users. It is important to understand that the have managed to secure two brokerage firms set up that will use the platform for trading immediately after the release, which will allow the extension of platforms and distribution immediately.
By using the trading platform blockchain, promised to mendemokratisasikan market, save money for investors and companies, reducing (or even eliminate) the cost, and to prevent inefficiency.

How it works
At the time of launch, expects to offer trading in more than 120 different financial instruments, including cryptography, a pair of forex, and CFDs on stock indices, commodities, stocks, metals, and energy.

Some of the main features and functions of the platform will include:
To become the leading platform for the trading of some financial assets based on blockchain technology
Become the leading exchange for traditional companies to raise funds from the public crypto
Become the most cost-effective platform to facilitate investment by reducing the banking service fees consultation
Being the largest trading liquidity pools that consist of TradeToken holder TradeToken holder for profit
Make TradeToken (official currency) are among the top 5 crypto assets based on market price

Excellence from aims to provide all of the following benefits:
Technology Blockchain: Blockchain give the immortal records of each transaction in the accounts of clients to ensure complete transparency through blockchain.
Liquidity: some transparent revenue stream available, including financing acing transactional results.
Investment Bank: helping new and existing funds in raising funds and record the stock on the stock
Distribution of Daily liquidity pool: participants can participate in the daily distribution paid directly to their digital wallets are fiat and cryptocurrencies.
Token Utility Without Friction: Platform using TradeToken (TIO), which is used to Exchange and participate in joint liquidity pools.
Experienced team: management and experienced advisers from investment banking, fintech, blockchain, and trading room.

About Trade Tokens uses a token called Trade Token. This is a utility that allows the transaction token without friction on various assets on the stock It also acts as a means of Exchange and a store of value.
You can use the token TIO to participate in pools of liquidity together as a market maker and receive daily payments into Your wallet in fiat and cryptocurrency.
Looking ahead, the holder can also use TradeToken to buy new issues and IPO in the stock
Pre-ICO to token TIO is scheduled on September 7 to November 21, 2017.
ICO General began November 22, 2017 and ends on December 15, 2017.
The company publishes a total of 500 million TradeTokens. Roughly two-thirds of the token to be issued to the public through the sale of the token. A maximum of 100 million TradeTokenswill be sold during the pre-ICO.
For the first week of pre-ICO, the price will be $1.15 per TradeToken. It’s price rose to $1.25 in the second week. When the ICO General began on November 22, the price will be set at $3 USD per TradeToken.
An additional 10%, or 50 million token, will enter the liquidity to facilitate trade. The rest will be used to compensate developers, advisors, vendors, and management.
In December, the company hopes to integrate their platform with blockchain. platform full launch will occur on April 2018.


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