The Challenge: Why we started Debitum Network

Debitum Network present offer solutions that will bring the decentralized system of blockchain to provide access to a wide range of small-medium businesses in the world. The existence of Debitum Network will reduce the gap between the credit businesses, both large and small businesses. As for the main characters that will be taken is a belief structure and financing processes, end-to-end full supporting exponential growth.

The use of blockchain technology design by Debitum Network will make it possible to ensure transparency and strong belief, that allow to automate the process by using smart contracts and the nature of the terdesentralisasinya allow the exponential growth of the number of members in blockchain-based solutions.
What Is Debitum?
Debitum distributed ecosystem is made up of the various partners involved in the process of financing small and medium enterprises (SMEs), risk assessors, insurance companies, investor, creditor and the other opponents who all use the token Debitum as the only means of payment are possible among themselves when transacting in Networks Debitum. Utilities will be multifold Debitum token. We have analyzed the various models of the token may, applying these findings to the Network in the case of Debitum and desirability Debitum to run two key roles in the ecosystem.

The role of exchange value for building and maintaining the network economy Debitum-Debitum Token will be used by borrowers and investors to buy services on ecosystems with the ability to set the price of the services obtained in accordance with the quantity and the quality of service received.

The role of the toll forced counterparties to have skin-in-the-game — Token Debitum will be used as collateral to guarantee the delivery of service counterparties. The token will also be used to run the smart Trust contract Arbitrage that will show confidence level m

Decentralized Blockchain
Blockchain with a design that makes it possible to ensure transparency and the highest trust, allows automating the process by using smart contracts and desentralistiknya properties allow for exponential growth of the number of Members in any blockchain-based solution.

Globalization of capital
Decentralization loan and financial service interruptions continued, therefore seems to be steadily narrowing the gap of credit for SMEs. There’s plenty of capital available to invest in different financial instruments or loaned for the benefit of the whole of the developed countries. Capital available for lending, however, limited in the less-developed parts of the world.

The three main pillars of ecosystems DEBITUM
Debitum network is based on three pillars that ensures its uniqueness, disruption and will ensure a positive result on a credit gap smalling.

True decentralization
HYBRID connect crypto and fiat
The Base Of Trust
True decentralization — there are 154 countries indicated by the World Bank in which the experience of SME credit gaps and where soluton as Debitum Network can help close the gaps
by providing the ecosystem partners and associate it with the global investor. However, by saying that the team will be new Debitum Network established in 154 countries and bring to market their own ecosystems will be a fallacy.

Debitum Network is the inital market maker and facilitator to resolve the credit gap around the world by connecting SMES with global investors who can rely on the services provided by local or regional counterpart, i.e. verifcaton, risk assessment, insurance, debt collecting it is possible to reduce global investors to distribute their available capital. Communist devolved and truly global, composed of various service providers and borrowers ‘ insttutonal ‘ — the company’s phenomenal alternative to serve SMES that could reduce global investment and restructure their portolio using Debitum Network.

2. connect the HYBRID crypto and fiat — their ecosystems have a designated facilitator to take care of all the fiat transaction needs to be done, notes on blockchain using smart contracts and ensures that the ecosystem can be used from today first

The hybrid approach allows us to combine the State’s current business practices with blokchain infrastructure ecosystem operatonal since day one. The network will be able to develop Debitum and transfer of capital associated with loan at blockchain. Meanwhile, Debitum will work hard to promote a solution to blockchain SMES around the world.

3. The base Belief — by combining fiat operations reliable and efficient, Process-based financing blockchain Debitum Network will ensure the high interest of SMEs and investors. Because the loans are mainly driven by the trust on the borrower, Debitum Network will ensure that all transactions will be in touch with the beliefs of the arbitration contract that will give the smart trust for each single counterparty as well as commune counterpartes.

To ensure the trust of Debitum network trust smart arbitration contract (smart contracts) will be a fact-based blockchain as smart service contracts involved,. Every positve experience (such as a success Implementing smart service contracts) will add some points rating of trust.

Value Exchange — as a token Debitum is the only means of payment in the network Debitum.
The toll — all service providers have to freeze a number of token Debitum
to ensure the implementation of the service in the future through the trust mechanism of arbitration (Arbitrage Trust)

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