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The Currency Analytics Hello buddy, welcome back to the Portal Info blog, this time I will discuss the TCAT ICO. The Currency Analytics (TCAT) is a platform and the media community verified by Google consists only of the latest stories from professional authors that value ethics and authentic journalism.
Cryptocurrency Analytics has its origins in small columns in several major publications. This column evolved into a full page and eventually became its own publication within a few months.
Loligo-The world’s first ICO security ecosystem
ICOVO-The world’s first ICO platform to implement DAICO
The Cryptocurrency Analytics is a news and cryptocurrency information network dedicated to thousands of members, all interested in bringing new and innovative projects to Crypto and blockchain scenes. As a news publisher, we take crypto space journalism seriously and develop our information network to provide useful insights into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
TCAT believes good journalism comes from good journalists. Digital media now allows stories to be paid for or for authors to be published who are business agents. Agents replace stories with hidden agendas in addition to real news.
The TCAT media ecosystem is raising funds to create the first ethical news platform for digital currency information. Platform participants will have access to the latest available cryptocurrency information.
The TCAT community will provide stories, hire professional writers, The Currency Analytics verify facts and evaluate authors. All messages posted on our platform must comply with a filtering protocol called  “Reliable, ethical, attributive and permanent message protocol ” (REAL News Protocol ™).
The TCAT protocol is being developed with an industry standard in mind, such as the SPJ Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.
Our protocol delivers REAL messages: Real, ethical, attributive and permanent.
TCAT token information
Join TCAT’s first coin offering program and up to 400 million tokens will be issued. The Currency Analytics Token is valued at 1 TCAT = $0.1
You can buy TCAT if you want to buy advertising space or post messages on
The Currency Analytics In the future, TCAT can be purchased directly from The camo with ETH/BTC as well as on other major exchanges. TCAT is a cashback token. When you purchase TCAT on the Currency Analysis platform, you will receive a TCAT amount equivalent to a doll to-dollar value equal to the token you paid for. After the number of TCAT tokens has been sold, the network receives only TCAT as a means of payment.
.That’s because most news portals write only the same messages day in and day out, publishing them under a different name. These regular news sites don’t even have to worry about updating with the latest information. As a result, viewers who visit these sites remain only useless messages that are incorrectly interpreted as “now .” Worse, many of these regular news sites lead viewers with false and biased views to dangerous investment failures.
But TCAT aims to improve to become the most trusted crypto news portal equipped only with pro-writers. All funds generated from tokens will be used to recruit the best specialist journalists and real journalists over the latest and most authentic news. So when you invest in TCAT, you will be actively involved in the most accurate and up-to-date dissemination of crypto information. This allows you to avoid costly mistakes and make very profitable decisions with your crypto investment.

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