THE DEAL COIN Deal Landing Solution Database (DSD) Ecosystem

THE DEAL COIN The majority of existing firms regularly take short-term and long-term loans. They buy equipment, carry out necessary supplies, create infrastructure or simply pay salaries in anticipation of money from customers.
In most countries, successful, stable small and medium-sized organizations are severely restricted in their access to finance. For example, interest rates in Russia range from 11.9%. To 35%
And even where interest rates are considered acceptable, the loan process may be delayed for several weeks and months. Moreover, firms are unable to obtain credit from creditors who are not residents of the country in which they reside.
The largest credit broker in the UK — “We Fund any Deal” — took the initiative into its own hands and corrected this situation by creating a platform for the connection of creditors and borrowers by releasing its cryptocurrency-the deal Coin

The Deal Coin is a decentralized platform for the lending of individuals, bringing together international investors and companies, which will ensure quick and transparent access to finance, regardless of where they reside. The Deal Coin will turn over The principle of crediting. No longer will have to wait for confirmation from your bank for 2 – 3 months to attract a loan, all this will take only 1 – 2 days. Investors will get the maximum profit from this, while at the same time reducing the cost of lending all over the world.
With the help of a peer system recognizable all over the world, the Deal Coin will present the best platform for investors all over the world, eliminating payments to outdated financial systems. No more will need to give their money to intermediaries, whom, recently, Divorced in the field of lending enough. By eliminating this link, the platform will provide a unique availability of loans to consumers and indicators of profit for investors.

The solution from Deal Coin
Borrowers and investors
Borrowers fill out the application form on a special decentralized application (DAPP), providing information about your user and application for participation in the Deal Coin program.
Dapp securely connects to the credit Solutions database (DLSD), where the information is carefully checked.
Asset check and securitization – valuation of borrower’s assets at the cost of credit.
Application underwriting-protection of the contract by means of intellectual insurance.
After confirmation of the loan application is specified in DLSD.
Investors fill out KYC information for seamless viewing and connectivity with borrowers around the world to discuss rates or conditions acceptable to both parties.

Financing of current loans
The lender has the ability to exchange their coins by trading tokens, an internal token for DLSD, the Deal tokens are tied to a coin as 1:1 to GBP.
Transaction tokens, which are transferred through DLSD, are fully integrated with the transaction contract in accordance with the legally protected agreement and are provided with block protocols and security lock.

This includes but is not limited to: borrowers
Full information on borrowers (KYC)
Insurance policy
Asset securitization
Credit binding
Full information on creditors (KYC)
Agreed bet
Repayment frequency
Terms of the loan agreement
Legislative agreement with borrowers and creditors
Arbitration process
Provisions on debt collection.
Deal tokens are issued and converted into the borrower’s local currency.

Management and redemption
DLSD manages the complete lending process, providing all the terms of the contract by adjusting the interest rates.
The borrower, having reached the end of the contract of the transaction, pays the final sum in Dapp, converting its local currency in the transaction tokens.
The transactions tokens are then transferred through DLSD to confirm the fulfillment of the contract before it was issued to the lender.
Within the DLSD ecosystem, there are protocols to protect the lender from unstable currency activity.
If there are fluctuations, the investor may reinvest their transaction tokens with another borrower or exchange them for FIAT or cryptocurrency of their choice.
This combination of blockchain technology, connectivity, and global reach offer unsurpassed benefits for both the borrower and the investor.

Distribution of coins between participants
4% Bounty Campaign
6% Expert Advisors
10% Development Team
15% Founders
65% Mass Sale

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