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The Deal Coin The blockchain is a reliable way to store data about transactions, contracts, transactions, everything that needs to be written and verified. Today, the blockade has penetrated almost all spheres of life, is ready to fundamentally change the financial system of the State and sometimes simplify the work of medium and large enterprises. The blockchain is not a secret technology: there are many articles on the web about how it is organized and how it works. In one article we gathered the most interesting and important facts on which you can give a link when you ask: “What is a blockade?” 
This technology has been gaining attention since the year 2008. Initially, the block was linked only to the currency of the crypt Bitcoin. But someone in time saw his versatility and great opportunities. 
The principle of activity the essence of work block as a chain of blocks can be compared with the puzzle. A block is an array of data, information about transactions that have entered the network after the previous block was created (about the last 10 minutes). Each new data block is appended to the previous date using complex mathematical algorithms that allow you to consolidate these blocks for centuries. To create a new block, you must compute its encryption thumbprint (hash) that satisfies certain conditions. 
The Deal Coin  This process is performed by a large number of different computers running on the same network that solve a complex task crypt, during which it is necessary to compute the hash header (output data) of the block header in the cabinet. In other words, select a special code that allows you to get a hash containing a certain number of zeros at the beginning of this hash. The process of finding blocks is called mining. When the problem is resolved, a new block is created that cannot be deleted or changed. However, each network user can see all the information that is in the blocking space. As if you were collecting puzzles in online broadcasts before several millions of viewers.

What are the solutions to the problem from the Deal Coin? 
Blockchain Technology and the Deal Coin Project Help to remove the above-mentioned problems. Project — is a whole new way to look at sponsorship and support for small and medium enterprises, simply put, is a trading platform for beginners entrepreneurs. The principle of this project and its team — to apply a decentralized platform that provides a coherent picture of direct work with potential investors who are ready for you and your business plan to support. 

Terms and conditions of ICO. 
A preliminary presentation of ICO Coine starts March 26, 2018, all participants will have to fill in KYC (Know your customer information) and AML (anti-money laundering) to participate in the ICO agreement coins ico. We encourage all interested parties to pre-register with the Deal Coin ICO and receive instructions for this process for a “white list”. 
The best experts in their area estimate and assess the perspective and effectiveness of business ideas and on this basis, they decide on the possibility of further cooperation. The Deal Coin offers the opportunity to help in raising funds for those who do not have access to traditional types of funding in the shortest time. 
You do not need banking or accounting services because it takes a lot of time and it carries financial losses for paying commissions and fees. Being a user of The Deal Coin platform is good to go with just a smartphone connected to the Internet. In an age when technology development increases exponentially, the Deal Coin platform gives a common client the opportunity to quickly increase their monetary status. 
The growth of the capitalization in this segment will lead to the direct growth of this crypt of the currency. Blockchain will guarantee the security, confidentiality, and transparency of transactions.
The Deal Coin The pre-sale Deal Coin will begin on March 26, you can apply directly on the whitelist now. collection funds through the sale of the token can allow investors the chance to buy The Deal the Coin before placing them in the various exchanges. The forecast price Deal Coin Price-1 Coin Deal [DEAL] is costing US $0.10 or equivalent BTC or ETH. Acceptable methods of payment with currencies Ethereal, Bitcoin and Fiat. Coin Deal will be produced as much as 1, 000 million (1 billion) with the target achievement of SoftCapnya of pencapaianCapHardnya of $5 million and $50 million, is based on the new ERC827 Ethereum protocols, distributed computing platform-based blockchain, because like we know ERC827 is one of the newest and improved token standard on ERC20 on the Ethereal network. ERC827 100% compatible with ERC20, all the advantages of the coins will be stored in the treasury for future growth.
The allocation of Funds to be distributed into the ICO’s four sections, i.e. for legal compliance by 10%, to operational costs (including the GDCP) by 25%, 30% is used for marketing and the latter for the Development Platform of 35%.  As for the allocation of Coin Deal will be shared by 4% to 6% of the Bounty, given an Advisor, development teams get as much as 10% to 15%, which was awarded to founder, and rest as much as 65% to Crowdsale

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