KlickZie is an emerging company growing in the blockchain/cryptocurrency sector and augmented reality technology. Tautachrome is launching the cryptocurrency klk to support a global exchange of digital goods, services and information made possible by its newly patented Klickzie ( technologies and required to support the immediacy, transparency, security. The company has developed patented technologies with the brand name “Klickzie Technologies”. These technologies are developed as smartphone applications, the Klickzie ArK platform (“arknet “) and the Klickzie Activated Imagery platform.

Klickzie Arks adds the power of the blockchain in seamless automated transactions between buyers and sellers in the world of trade for goods and services of all kinds. It removes, in practice, the presence of intermediaries thanks, in fact, to the blockchain technology.
Klickzie Activated Imagery allows consumers to get value from their images and their digital information that so far has been channeled into social networking systems.
Both platforms offer users the ability to create digital products that use the Klk ecosystem to generate profits.

The Klickzie arknet platform allows sellers of goods and services to implement Virtual Reality interfaces, which consist of digital information belonging to the vendor, who advertise and facilitate the sale of products or services using Geographic interfaces with Ark’s brand name. The KlickZie Activated Imagery platform allows you to reliably establish the ownership and traceability of consumer images and other digital information, allowing consumers to profit from their information Personal digital.

The Klk token
The Klk token will be the operative trading medium in the Klk ecosystem. The latter will be implemented as a KLK20 currency on the Ethereum blockchain with potential migration on the fastest and cheapest block chain of the today’s ethereum. Arkrs that sell goods and/or services and who monetize products strictly in Klk tokens, can register with the company and become a “currency vendor” klk. The ARKS, which are potential buyers of KLK, can register and become a “currency buyer” klk. For a monetized sale in klk between these two groups, the seller, the buyer and the company will receive a KLK premium significantly higher than normal for sale. Below, we see the use of the token within the Klickzie platform:

A smart contract KLK20 has been written on Ethereum that enables KLK20-currency monetization of images created and stored on smartphones with the Klickzie Activated Imaging app. The smart contract allows the easy, transparent and uninterrupted granting of rights of use to images of klickzied with cryptocurrency KLK20 as a means of exchange and with transactions recorded on the Blockchain of Ethereum. Cryptocurrency KLK20 is a general currency that can be used for any transaction purpose. The Klickzie ARK system leverages the same KLK20 ecosystem, using the same KLK20 token as a means of exchange. One method is assigning KLK20 tokens to any user on a Klickzie platform who decides to watch an ad placed on the platform. The following image shows how users of other platforms are treated than how Klickzie will treat its users.

Other social media platforms collect users ‘ content, sell advertisements and retain all the money they receive from advertisers, feed users ‘ content to users in advertisements. Klickzie has a better way. Klickzie will not force the ads to be published. Users will have to act on an ad teaser to be able to present the ads. And a user who acts to see an ad will be rewarded with KLK20 token for the action. The content belongs to the users who create it.

KlickZie They should not be forced ads to see the content created by their own contacts. And when they decide to look at the advertising material, they will be paid for it! Here is the distribution of tokens: The total number of Klk tokens will be 1 billion and 50% will be destined for public sale, 20% for the Shareholders Tautachrome, 18% to the team, 10% to the project Partners and 2% to the Bounty program. The Softcap of the project is established at 1 million of $ while the hard cap 39 million $. The price of a single Klk token will be $0.67. You can participate in the sale of tokens by going to the site clicking on token sale. For more information on the platform, I invite you to

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