THE LOOMIA TILE A Device That Transforms Clothes Into Data-Collecting And Identity Tools

LOOMIA  more variety of types of business opportunities are increasingly making the businessman smiling wide because it will provide convenience for them to conduct business network expansion. Already very many companies put their beliefs against cryptocurrency. and this time a company called Loomia by widening its business together making sure the world crypto. Loomia is a company that struggled in the field of textiles using crypto. efforts taken by Loomia joined world crypto is the only pertusahaan that uses the crypto world as one means of promotion products that were created.

What is Loomia?
Loomia is a business platform that will connect tkestil fashion trends fashion Loomia technology Tile with crypto support. Loomia Tile is a hardware device that transforms clothes into a data-collecting instruments and identity. This is related to the Electronic Layer Loomia (LEL), flexible circuits embedded onto textiles with the ability to sense changes to be, such as heat and touch.
Users can transfer data through the desktop that allows them to manage and sell the data to market research. This application really without the server service using the service blockchain dang for security and data integrity. in a world where personal data has become a valuable commodity for sale in stealth by large companies, Loomia Tile entitles individuals to have their personal data, as well as the freedom to choose how to distribute or sell it.

Loomia specializes in prodcution soft and flexible circuits are integrated into textile products. Loomia solution is a system with three levels. the first is Loomia Elektronic Layer (LEL), Loomia Tile, and Tile Loomia Platform that supports data exchange.

Elektronic Loomia first Layer (LEL) is a soft and flexible circuits are integrated to the warm-up clothes, lighting, sensing function and collect data about the user. LEL is Loomia products offered and the patented innovations of today.
Both Loomia Tile is a hardware device that acts as a “keychain” users for some systems that contain LEL. This saves the data that is stored by the LEL to synchronized platform tile. It depends on the introduction of fingerprints for verifiaction user identity.

The third Tile Platform is peer to peer applications (POP) that stores data and collected at Loomia Lite. After that integrate it through blockchain for system verifiactin user identity, truth and gives the user the user’s ability to sell their brand to ppribadi data and or third parties.

Loomia’s fourth Data Exchange is an online marketplace and place brand third party (which in time may include restaurants, banks, or transit authority) purchase data directly from user to learn collectively about icrease products and Ministry. This data is submitted anonymously, without identifying information is included in the Exchange outside the user’s public key on the platform tile. companies and researchers who are interested in getting a new and accurate data collection and users earn money in the form of a token TILE can be converted into other currencies or be exchanged in return for a particular brand and third party in the platform tile.

Sales Of ICO Loomia
to establish and develop LOOMIA let project will be done through the ICO will be done openly so that the public can invest in sales TILE token.
the sale will start token Tile on 11 December 2017 and selling tile token will expire on January 3, 2018. jumalh of the token to be created was 800-870 million.

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