The NODE Token Gives You a Unique Opportunity To invest in a Revolutionary Technological Product

NODEPOWER We might know in an age now shares the range of science and technology are developing rapidly and in recent months, the world warm very popular crypto has become very interesting. Interest in crypto-species has reached the highest point of all time
When people around the world became aware of the crypto world. We know the world is growing and growing into the Modern Era, especially the growing Wireless technology with very rapidly. Likewise with our life cannot be separated from the kehupan role in the internet, with memanfaatakan technology Wireless

We also really need it, to share the smooth online business and share other business, for example if we want online shopping purchases of electrical pulses, and other

OK as I’ve explained above you may already exist a little description about the project this NODE nahh if you want to be know more about this project I will explain more details about this project

Node is a revolutionary technology high-tech start-ups, which interfere with wireless transmission device market niche for personal and commercial use. Our innovativedevelopment, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by the quality and efficiency of use. We are in the final stages of testing the prototype devices. And there are two fundamentally different scheme being explored and improved by our scientists:

In an electrical transformer or Induction coil, which has a core of metal or air, the energy transferred by electromagnetic simple connection called magnetic induction. By using this method, transmission and reception of energy become viable at a distance far enough, howeverto obtain a significant voltage in this way needed to set up the two reels are very close to each other.

Magnetic resonance/capacitive coupling is used, where a second inductor is set to the shared frequency, so a certain amount of energy can be transmitted at a distance far enough. The core of a promising technology of the Node is the imposition of some electromagnetic waves in the form of impulses with duration and frequency are different from each other, after that this wave passes through a special lens and ferroelectric materials of electromagnetic metamaterial structured.

Excess Features Project Node

Redirects energy remotely and simultaneously to multiple devices with any power
The technology can be applied to any electronic
Makes sense
Low to moderate cost, when compared to other solutions, the power transfer efficiency of up to 90%
Intelligent Design
Less wires and more space saving. Use and storage convenient
Ergonomic and modern design

project Node has many benefits and advantages that you can get and
There is no limit to what we can do with technology Nodes

1. Alpha

Flexible pads for Wireless charging electronic devices. The surface area of a wide charging lets you fill in some device, put them side by side or even

each other.
1. The Target price of ~ $99
2. Surface area 300×200 mm
3. Transmission power up to 10W
4. USB 5V
2. EON
Wireless charging station for desktop placement. Eon provides charging multiple devices at once and comes with automatic power control.
1. The Target price of ~ $159
2. Power Transmission-up to 150W
3. Power supply-220V
4. Dimensions100x70mm

Token Information
Token NODE gives you the unique opportunity to invest in a revolutionary technology productswireless transmission devices for personal and commercial use. The unification of the current funding round is intended to finance the production, marketing and sales of the device Node.
The current stage of development is the best time to invest: Stages of r & d, production and testing of the prototype was successfully completedAll testing the prototype shows full compliance against the declared characteristicsThe maximum potential to increase investment  Spruce up the risks associated with the performance of the product
Opportunities that are usually only available to businessmen Angel and venture financiers.
Ico Information
Start 07/12/2017 12:00 UTC + 2
End of 07/01/2018
The price of Tokens: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: the equivalent of 10 USD
The total number of tokens: 0.75 million pcs.
Participants receive a bonus 50%
(an additional 0.5 per each token is purchased)
Start 15/02/2018 12:00 UTC + 2
End of 15/04/2018
The price of Tokens: 1 USD
Minimum contribution: the equivalent of 10 USD
The initial participants receive a bonus:
1-10 days 30%
11-20 day 20%
21-30 day 15%
31-40 days 10%


Pavel Zelenin co-founder

Daniil Morozov-cofouder

Oleg Pensky-Chief Scientific Officer
Olga SivitskayaMarketing Expert
Dmitry OkulovChief technical officer
Irina Kotova-Financial Planning and Accounting Expert
Denis KonogorovInvestments Expert
Ekaterina NaimushinaCommunity Manager
Mikhail Pan-Sales: Asian markets.
Yulia TrubnikovaSales: European and US markets
Evgeny PetrikinSales: East markets
Ibtihaj AbrarProduct Designer

Advisors (Advisory)
George Mikaberydze
Elizaveta Tolstikova
George Erman
Sergey Lepeshkin
Iaroslav Taldykin

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