The OnLive platform-Broadcast Video and block in the long distance Market Chains

ONLIVE – Platform OnLive revolutionize the market broadcast video and long-distance consultations. Offers scalability and availability is not limited to using the technology Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer that is completely decentralized. If the processing power and bandwidth is available, everyone can contribute to the system. The impetus of this contribution ensures intelligent localization and create a new economy that is driven by the markers ONL. 
Platforms On Live enables users to provide services from virtually anywhere and give them the ability to  (Pay Per Click , payment, payment of the sidelines Minutes) to send valuable content in a variety of business models. The main goal of this project is to become the market leader in the market of direct consultation platform. Customers always have access to a team of experts and access to information to find valuable content. The OnLive platform was a huge blockbuster, which aims to sell audiences at affordable prices, with space for direct and content ecosystem live broadcast which allows service sold through broadcast.
Live service
The market allows service providers to sell services that they need. This allows you to schedule a live broadcast in real time in HD quality, pay bills, chat, and special offers icon ONL.
This applies to many industries–Lawyers, doctors, Slimming Center, works in progress, fitness, education, insurance, language learning, financial advice, etc.
Live broadcast
This allows service providers to offer live broadcast HD to an unlimited number of viewers, pay-per-minute billing per model and pay per views, and schedule a live broadcast in the future. Technology B2B and B2C, workshops, practical lessons, sports, Conference, SVOD, TV, music, e-Learning, welfare, can be used in a variety of industries such as.
How does it work?
The creator also serve, service life 1:1,
They can broadcast 1:8 or a wider audience: PPV, PPM, PPD etc. Sign many people wisely sign transcoding and transfer services.
Customers pay the full service and access to a variety of live video feeds.

OnLive System
Announcer-Broadcasters to produce and broadcast content to the network
Lite-Lite do transkode flow into other formats.
Open Network-everyone can join the OnLive Network and play the role they want if it meets the technical requirements and economic
Receiver-Receiver watch flow in quality and format selected and purchase services directly
Service providers – Anyone with expertise that can be sold through our system and doing private deals.
Relay Relay Node-the node sending the stream to the receiver with or without transcoding.

What does TV OnLive for you?
This is a great way to use countless to help users quickly get out of the House and get out of the House. Join professional or live events around the world. Viewers have a lot of interesting content. Complementary systems and services that are only given to users. OnLiveTV is equipped with the tools and functions that are relevant to meet the needs of publishers and viewers. Both these lines of communication to discuss the creation of a public broadcasting institution, a large group of viewers, and a personal and individual consultation. Each option allows authors to monetize their activity while providing high quality service to users.

OnLive.TV offers a variety of possibilities:
Anyone who has access to the Internet can become a user of the platform: the individual (e.g. doctors, lawyers, teachers, consultants)
The company (for example, a law firm, a medical center and training, insurance companies),
Big business (such as TV stations, advertising networks, corporate events).
The commercial success of a family driven mainly by the growth of new buyers and sellers. Performance indicators the basic operators, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), the cost of Service (RCS) Repeated and Long-term Customer Value (CLTV all) is interpreted as the value of the discount per customer.
Token Distribution
Token ONL is a part of the OnLive Platform is unparalleled. It used as a service for the mengkonversikanComputerComputer to the videoComputerComputerCodeConversionServices publication. The implementation is the default for my platform.
ONL built as speculators in the blockade ERC20 etereum
The token Type: icon Utility
Maximum feed: 111 million ONL
Icons available before ICO: 12,210,000 ONL
The symbol is available in ICO: 61,050,000 ONL
Before ICO hard Disk: 14.000 ETH stamp
ICO Hard cap: 100,000 ETH

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