The PITCH Project aims to Reduce Friction and Move Things Faster for All Parties

PITCH – Platform Pitch Investors Live is a software product that is already accessible from iOS applications, and now from the web and Android devices. This allows the entrepreneur to make a brief summary about their product or business, which our users can be easily strained to find the items they are interested in. The next step is for the prospect of potential sales to invite entrepreneurs to do pitch live via the platform. During a live broadcast to other applications, users can watch as members of the audience. This platform also rebroadcasts “is the show’s” live Live to Facebook and YouTube (coming soon). Recordings are stored on YouTube.

Features Owned By Investor PITCH LIVE
Entrepreneurs Can Make A Summary Of PITCH
From the main page of the application, the user can choose to create a summary field. At the time of the sale the token, this is a paid feature. This can only be paid by sending a token contract to PITCH smart Ethereum specified on the web site Pitch Investors Live.

Users can choose the projects they want to Learn our users interested to talk with entrepreneurs or project teams can easily swipe a summary field to see who they want to talk to. We also provide an alternate list view. In the current implementation, only

Employers Were Told That They Had The Opportunity To Stay On The PITCH
When prospects want to talk with entrepreneurs, employers notified and both directly online. Soon, the followers of each user is notified so they can listen to it. Since the only user interface available today is the iOS applications, notices currently sent completely using Apple’s proprietary system of APNS.

Employers Enter Other Users Through Live Video, In Front Of An Audience
Events pitch takes place between two participants: entrepreneurs and potential sales prospect (or often the expert reviewer). Pitch Investors Live did not participate. Participants connected through video WebRTC. Once connected, the job of the entrepreneur is to convince the experts that the token that she sell worth buying. The task of the experts is to learn as much as possible about that opportunity and make a decision about whether he is interested or not. Spectators can view the discussion and contribute their own question or comment with the text entered into the chat box. The live broadcast was syndicated to Facebook, YouTube and other places that could reach out to a wider audience.

In the current implementation, tapping the screen awards show to any participant. It will be completely removed, and the following token Sales Pitch Investors Live, the UI will be slightly improved to reveal a smart token sales contract address where viewers and experts can contribute to PITCH. Instead, the token that corresponds with the opportunities offered will automatically be deposited into your account contribution. This feature will be faced with the viewer and potential customer as button’s “buy now ” which enables the transfer of funds.

Existing applications provide incentives for our users to remain unbiased in their evaluation against the newbies. In this way, viewers benefit from the experience of experts and not just sales promotions for the token. One of the responsibilities of the experts is to determine the precise terms of the sale, the purpose of the token token token, liquidity and other information about the true value of the issued token. Instead to perform this service, viewers follow the investors and experts gain influence on the platform.

All Users See A List Of Deals
Casual viewers and users see a list of employers who can offer them a look. Some were recorded and there are also living. Users can comment on this offer, and in later versions of the applications that are coming, they will be able to send the token to Ethereum PITCH associated with the project that was presented to swap them with the token that is created by the project/startup participating.
Employers see only one tab, but accredited investors also see a separate tab that shows a summary of the field which has been proposed for researched investors.

Pitch Investors Live will be releasing the token ERC-20 named “PITCH”, with the symbol “PITCH”. The PITCH will be the main tool to buy services from the platform Pitch Investors Live now and in the future.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales February 28, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The Price Of A Token-
A total of 1.618 billion PITCH Token Supply

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