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POTENTIAM creativity is the intermediary through the system still music of ancient developed previously the emergence of the internet, where the artists are losing up to 86% yield from their music. Potentiam connects and provides a stable platform for interaction and collaboration. Potentiam reward and encourage motivation for success by giving trust
platform that connects different users with the same goals and aspirations to share and make a transaction. This white paper summarizes the platform that eliminates the challenges that emerged 
from the talent in the music industry faces in the world today:
1. Cash flow
2. Publicity/exposure
The Mission of the
To find the much-needed balance in the industry of music distribution and content. creating a network of decentralized and collaborative music dedicated to the incentive
the development and exposure of the creative music and their audience. Our mission is to put the power back in the hands of the creators and fans by providing a platform that creates a direct and dynamic interaction.
Nowadays the main media source has too many relationships with people and organizations that
want to affect what is reportedly a billionaire owner, think of the mega-corporations, and
big money advertisers Even public radio and public TV we compromised by their dependence on funding from corporations, foundations and Government. It had no share of the music industry that puts power in the hands of
* Service and expensive Proposition
* Lack of interest/manpower
* The Impersonal
* Input that is not coherent
* Lack of adequate gifts
* Barrier to entry
* Lack Of Incentives
* Lack of direct negotiations.
What is potentiam?
Potentiam formed by people who had worked in the music management for a number of years and things are aware of and understand the difficulties faced in promoting the emergence of new music artists. In the year 2016 they founded a music publication which can be found Britznbeatz and promoting musicians who continue to gain respect and recognition in the industry with more than 150,000 customers and the continued support of many contacts the music industry.
Potentiam created to give voice to a new artist, the author of the content in music
industry and all those who seeking to enable it. Intended to spread the untapped Talent of the scene, the core functions of the platform is to bring in fresh faces exposure to the editorial. Potentiam aims to achieve this with the use of blockchain, by creating an ecosystem that is decentralized and beneficial to musicians, bloggers and music
supporters (the Foundation for the economics of P2P) supported by Smart Contract that can be implemented automatically in the community.
Potentiam ecosystem enables direct interaction between content creators, influencers and advocates. This eliminates the need for intermediaries.
Potentiam features can be summed up in the points below:
-The source for interesting content from the world of music
-Promotion of musical artists
-Social CRM (to identify, maintain and refresh the relationship)
Crowdfunding Opportunities
-Job creation and reward for Writers
-Reward for contributors in the project
-Stable Crypto
-Advertising opportunities
-Instant Messaging
Why have a unique Token Potentiam
The economic value of Potensiam Token (PTM) Have parallel units kriptocurrency means having a stake in the underlying network. PTM holders not only has a number of units of a particular currency. This unit, other than as a unit of Exchange, is the ‘ shares ‘ in the future success of the overall
the network. Millions of people around the world can harmonize their economic incentives with
using PTM. The use of the bitcoin, ether or other species could be used, but we think it is necessary to use cryptocurrency (PTM) that we get to the advantage of the project to foster a strong community around her.
Token PTM gives holders of “access” to use the platform Potentiam. Token Potentiam (PTM) are easily transferable directly between the user and the user
an established crypto exchanges. Ease of transferability this token on an Exchange allows liquidity and thus encourage price volatility based on market growth of the platform Potentiam. This means that the value of the PTM will increase as the use
Target Market
The two main market target Potentiam
1. marketing Music & promotion.
2. Social Media.
Music Marketing & Promotions
Record companies are estimated to annually invest $4.5 billion worldwide for marketing. This represents 26% of the revenues of the industry. The cost of marketing and promotion was
The largest single item to record companies on new artists. Artists pay anything from $100 and upwards to get a promotion. The global music business is said to be worth $15 billion and that figure will increase, Potentiam will attempt to expand its market target areas in the future.
Social Media
Facebook earns more than the total income of $26 billion in 2016. User content in social media Platforms generating billions of dollars, annual growth continues. There is no doubting the power of social media communications.
Streams of income
* Advertise on network Potentiam.
* Cost of all contractual agreements that have been confirmed among all network users on the platform. For example cost crowdfund, e-commerce etc.
* The use of a special system on the network for example ranking profile/visibility increases, the use of state of the art CRM.
* Produce the prize money in the form of token currency for participating in the network.
Charge of 5% of 30% of this entry to the holder of the Potent Vault while 30% 40% burned and sign in to fund the development of outdoor Potentiam.
At the top are a number of ways in which income is generated by the network. And in time
Another way that could generate revenue will be implemented.
Token PTM
This is Potentiam Token, used to gain access and do transactions on the network and will be available at Potentiam all major exchanges.
This is a tool that not only helps the community network
users but help stabilize economic Potentiam. Potent tool used on the one hand to ensure the stability of the network because with remote lock token PTM for 1 year that ensure systems are moderated and governed by the stakeholders that have long term personal interest that will helps in Longevity PROJECT POTENTIAM. On the other hand provides value priced because it creates a scarcity in the token. The holder of the potent be rewarded in two ways:
* Score their potential to grow over time and used to enhance the value of the IAM
mengalikannya with Potent value in time.
* Potentiam fee structure such that 30% fees distributed to Brazilian
The Holder Of The Vault.
* better your visibility.
* more weight your opinion based on the sound.
* help rank you as potential members Potentiam.
You get a Potent buying PTM and lock them in the Potent Vault You while keeping your private key so the PTM you always be under Your authority. The potential use to improve Your IAM.
Interaction Network
There are many relationships relationships these ecosystems will be seen growing below there are some examples include:
Flowchart diagram how Potentiam connects artists music, reviewers, authors, fans.
The dome holder potential pick individual can publish a feed on the network thus
limit the number of bad actors in the network. Because the holder has a lot of poten rights on the network it’s natural for them to eliminate malicious actors. This reduces the use of bots on the system.
The Detail Token Crowdsale
Potentiam mint 100 million tokens and Token on sale 60% is available for the crowdsale and the rest will go to the development team, legal, accounting and marketing backup, Network Potentiam.
The Allocation Of The Token
As many as 100 million token will be generated using the platform.
The diagram below shows the allocation mechanism token used for PTM.
Allocation Of Funds
Our goal is to provide extensive experience and innovative features within Potentiam. Funds collected will be used for the technical development of the network,
legality, testing, distribution and marketing networks. Ten percent of the total of Token supplied will be locked into a smart contract and can be accessed after one year. This
is to show our commitment and trust of PTM to investors. If crowdsale does not reach the anticipated amount, we have a strategy to reflect back on the schedule, the process of development and marketing to accommodate results safely.
* Potentiam developments, which is very important for the ability of keeping the progress of the fire.
* Marketing-advertising Continues to encourage the adoption and use of Potentiam,
develop a positive public relations, establish partnerships with entities that forward towards this goal.
* Consulting-hire industry experts from various sectors including:
Blockchain Technology, business strategy, and marketing and communications to advise development Potentiam, messages, and the overall goal.
* Accounting-ensure responsible management, let resources increased transparency and accountability, improving the overall sustainability and work together with laws and Consultations to advance the project.

Potentiam is a growing economic gate towards global music landscape with nature interfere with the opening and creating chances for participants globally. We are not like a technology company that builds good business with a very large number of
music content submitted voluntarily by musicians/writers who are desperate. They just help the few who succeed, but feeding the hopes and dreams of millions of people. We are a reality of the millions that’s just the beginning.

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