The SSOT Blockchain powered application with SSOT AI engine handles

SSOT HEALTH Greetings Friends! Today we will talk about the application of the revolutionary Personal medical card, which has an architecture built on the technology blockchain. I present to your attention Ssot HEALTH!
The company offers everyone to store their own medical data in the insured from the hacking system, SECUREDPHR, which is a storage of information for all those wishing to control its provision with the help of reinforced concrete protected Protocol.
1. Timely updating of all personal medical records;
2. Integration into any medical system working on Blokchejne;
3. Right of access with permission of the user;
4. A patient-defined degree of access level permission;
5. Ability to export data in CCR format;
6. Creation of user accounts in Ssot-ID.
Also, the secured Pharma is the first innovative pharmaceutical application. An AI-algorithm-enhanced workflow helps a person, pharmacology, management of drug allowances to companies and drug manufacturers in the supply chain.
Secured Pharma Features:
1. Eliminates the pre-authorization procedure, reduces cost and increases efficiency;
2. Simplifies expert opinion through smart contract and machine learning;
3. Accelerates the process of drug distribution by 90%.
Secured claims – This application handles labor-intensive insurance claims. It detects fraud in insurance, protecting data from fraudulent manipulation.
Secure claims Features:
1. Real-time claims review;
2. Improving the level of services of insurance companies while reducing their cost;
3. Exclusion of errors in the presentation of claims.
As is well known, there are many important data security measures in traditional health systems. These systems are vulnerable to hackers, and critical patient data has been lost before. The centralization of traditional systems makes them a target and jeopardizes patients ‘ medical data. Ssot Health makes security a priority.
Using the blockchain technology and the distributed Register system on the Ethereum platform, Ssot Health can offer more security to patients, health care providers and insurance companies than they currently receive in Traditional systems.
The platform will allow patients to use their data
Unfortunately, SSOT HEALTH EHR systems providers are allowed to monetize patient data in traditional systems. This data is owned by patients, but they cannot monetize it the way data providers do. Ssot seeks to change this through distributed monetization of data.
Medical data under Ssot Health are owned by patients, allowing them to make their own decisions regarding the monetization of their medical data. This change will give patients greater power over their health experience and can increase confidence in the health care system as a whole.
by Tokens and ICO:
Token name: SEHR
Total tokens issued: 1 000 000 000 tokens.
inconveniently Tokens:
50% 500 million tokens (for presale and sale); 18% 180 million assigned to the team; 20% 200 million for the general public; 9% 90 million long-term stock budget; 3% 30mln trade costs.
The project team has a wide range of knowledge and experience! And also always ready to help, and to advise, on all questions interesting you.
The company already has a working solution, which means that you will invest in an already working project. And the company already has an accumulated client base.
Blockchain and smart contracts. Using these tools will make everything safe, transparent and reliable. And the whole project is aimed at solving a very important problem.
Summing up, I want to say that the project is very interesting and unique with howling kind. Has as I said, a strong team, and indeed everything necessary for the implementation of this project, a good base, an important task, and the desire to improve this world. Thank you for your attention, to meet new friends!

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