THINKCOIN Online brokers revolutionised trading by connecting retail traders with the markets

Thinkcoin – Today we are experiencing a new stage in the development of the financial industry-cryptocurrency and the technology of blockchain, provide enormous opportunities for making revolutionary changes in the financial world. In this article, I will talk about an ambitious project called Thinkcoin-an innovative peer-2-peer trading platform.
Tradeconnect is a revolutionary trade solution that will allow all parties to trade on equal terms. It is an exchange based on blockchain technology, which will allow investors and traders to trade a wide range of financial products such as cryptocurrency, stocks, Fiatnaja currency, goods and much more. Tradeconnect will radically change the market dominated by banks, brokers and large funds and allow trading a wide range of financial products that are not available on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. Initially focused on the retail sector, the network will be expanded to other markets.
Tradeconnect Limited is a member of the Thinkmarkets group of companies. Thinkmarkets is a licensed organization providing financial services in the UK and Australia with more than ten years of experience and a powerful portfolio of intellectual property.
The main goal of Tradeconnect is to become the world’s largest trading network based on blockchain technologies. Funds involved in the ICO will be used primarily to attract new users, to develop a modern mechanism of harmonization and expansion of the range of trading products. In order to trade and make payments online, traders will use thinkcoin tokens that can be purchased at the time of the ICO, or later, when the tokens are bargained on cryptocurrency exchanges. Only TCO owners will be able to trade on the Tradeconnect network.
The Tradeconnect network will make significant changes in the trading of financial products through the creation of the first peer-based trading network, which brings together individuals, brokers, and corporations on equal terms. Currently, trade is not transparent, with large brokers, banks, and organizations controlling the flow of information and maintaining full control over established prices and the settlement process. The time has come to change this, with the help of decentralization and Blockchain technology.
The markets initially targeted by the Tradeconnect platform have a significant volume, their daily turnover reaches tens of billions of dollars. The structure of the Tradeconnect network will allow using a variety of commodity economy, based not only on commission but also on different, neutral market models.
The Thinkcoin project is able to solve numerous problems of the modern market. With the help of trade connect we can forget about intermediaries and make deals at a higher level of security. One of the most significant advantages of the platform is that all transactions are made almost instantaneously, this factor will help to save time for traders and investors. Also, thanks to Tradeconnect, each user can invest in any financial asset, in almost any country of the world. The TCO token and smart contract technology ensure reliability and transparency for all transactions.
The TCO token is an ERC20 token created on Blokchejne Ethereum. With the use of TCO, all calculations in the Tradeconnect network will be carried out. A total of 500 000 000 (five hundred million) TCO tokens will be issued, 60% of which will be available for sale during the ICO. The pre-sales period began on March 26, 2018, and ended on April 9, 2018. The value of tokens at this stage of sales fluctuated in the area $0.21-0.25 per one TCO. At the moment the main ICO, which started on April 9 and will last until April 27, 2018, is held. The cost of one TCO token at this point is $0.3. The maximum purpose of the fees or hard cap of the project is $50 000 000.
In conclusion, the project is quite perspective and useful for everyone who has a relationship to finances in one way or another. Safe and transparent transactions, high transaction speed, the ability to trade various financial assets and the lack of intermediaries make the Tradeconnect platform more than attractive.

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