ThinkCoin: Peer to Peer Multi Asset Trading on the Blockchain

THINKCOIN – We will talk again about the trade exchanges, namely the best of them. Everyone, who at least once tried to seriously ask the question of trading on the stock exchanges, faced a number of problems: how honest is the exchange and how profitable and safe to invest in its money.
I bring to your attention trade Connect – a decentralized blockchain-exchange for trading assets such as forex, stocks, indices, commodities, metals, and even cryptocurrency.
By the way, the project is developed by Think markets, a leading global financial services company with an FCA license (a term that means that the seller fulfills its obligation).

The main advantages of the site are as follows:
 Honesty and transparency of information and operations Blagodraja application of technology blockchain
 A unique opportunity to invest in any financial assets from around the world
 Incredibly high transaction speed
So, Tradeconnect-is a peer trading platform with fast transactions and lack of intermediaries. Traders here can trade a variety of financial products (forex, stocks, indices, commodities, metals, etc.) with the use of Artificial intelligence (AI).
Thanks to blockchain all transactions of the trader are public and can not be deleted or changed after confirmation. Among other things, trade connect complies with mandatory rules such as KYC (identification of participants) and AML (anti-Money Laundering Law), which reflect the high decency of trade connect and the company Think markets.

Think Connect is designed to solve a lot of pressing problems in the field of asset trading:
 Mediation increases the costs of the industry as a whole, creating credit and financial risks
 Lack of flexibility, this fact makes it difficult to transfer transactions and meet the individual needs of each trader
 Resolving issues and conducting transactions is too slow
 The dishonesty  of traders, which undermines the credibility of the industry and causes an outflow of the audience
The special software, which is based Tradeconnect, will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly without intermediaries, and a high degree of security and honesty creates for all equal conditions. All transactions and transactions take place in seconds, are public and ready for an audit at any time.
The Tradeconnect ecosystem is based on the use of Thinkcoin – a digital token. With its use as a Razi, there is an asset trade.
A significant number of Ethereum transactions require confirmation from the counterparty. Such trading operations are essentially smart contracts based on the blockchain. Unfortunately, sometimes this technology can create difficulties for the entire ecosystem and lead to an increase in waiting time for translations.

The think Connect system will require only two operations – the trader will offer the transaction and the other side of the transaction simply accepts or rejects the offer. And it achieves an incredible performance of the platform.
Worth talking about the ICO project:
Sales renewed until May 25, 2018. Wake up a few steps.
The token will have the name: TCO.
Minimum sales target: 5 000 000 dollars.
Maximum sales target: 30 000 000 dollars.
The price of tokens at the main stage of sales will be: 1tco = $0.30

The reasons why it is advantageous to invest in think Connect are enough:
 Experienced team Trade Connect has an excellent reputation in the world financial industry and licenses FCA and ASIC
 Thanks to blockchain technology, Tradeconnect offers a truly innovative, transparent and competitive financial platform.
 The project is being prepared for launch in the very near future (the beta test is expected in July 1818, and the official trade of cryptocurrency in August 2018), so investors should not wait long.
 Decentralization of trade, allowing to trade directly

I think the project with such ambitions and distant world recognition should take its place in the world industry of asset Trading!


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