TIP Focused on Delivering Quality Functioning Software That Changes the way people use cryptocurrencies

TIP Find the problem in the same blockchain. If the user can find the users, content, and other information in General, there are many applications that can be built upon this Foundation, giving value to more users.
This is the fundamental problem posed by TIP to solve. TIP create a network that is fully searchable, searchable, decentralized, decentralized solves the problem the invention at blockchain. With the discovery of the problem in the blockchain completed by the platform TIP that builds solutions specific to the end users and the business.
While some other cryptocurrency projects working to solve the problem of a human-readable name for transmitting transactions, TIP believes it is only a small part of solving problems of mass adoption. Other projects also serve to make cryptocurrency easier to use for users.
 “TIP ” is the only platform that addresses the issue of mass adoption using the holistic approach from the standpoint of the invention and builds applications that connect end-users to the business. This will give the solution to the end user that can be utilized and marketer in transactions daily cryptocurrency. That’s why the TIP present and deliver the solution.
Smart Address
a convenient address in Tip cryptographic hash created from a Network, as well as the Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Transaction metadata
In addition to the address of the alias, Tip also provides the ability to attach arbitrary metadata to both the address and the transaction. This metadata may depend on Protocol, such as alias, or specified by the user at will. This will be stored in the form of key-value pairs. This metadata will allow storage of data of the selected random users to specify. Metadata storage tips Blockchain will support private and public data. Public metadata will be stored in plain text across the network. Thus, it will be accessible by anyone on the network. Personal data will be encrypted by the caller and stored on the network. This data is then only can be decrypted and viewed by the holder of the private key, the owner of the account.
The discovery of the
The user will then be able to find other users and new content in the network by searching through the data using the client application. Developers will be able to build a decentralized application (DApps) that store and access this information in the network. DApps field and be able to make their own special protocols to extend the use of the platform.
Peer to Peer Instant Messaging
Users will be able to send transactions directly through conversational messaging, or by using a traditional Wallet interface. Users can also find a user or another business with the username (alias) and look for the network, and by adding a contact from their phone’s address book. Message format will be supported by a few items:
-Text messaging
-Picture message
-Animated Gif
-Video call.
All messages will be exchanged through peer to peer connection without being redirected to a centralized server.
The system Point-of-Sale
This application will be a monumental boost for retailers who have received cryptocurrency for payment, as it provides the features that they usually use in the system point-of-sale, lost in space cryptocurrency. This will also serve as a catalyst for getting more retailers to accept payment cryptocurrency, because it provides the simplicity which they usually use with traditional point of sale system, at a lower cost.

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