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TIPPER  As for the primary purpose of the Tipper i.e. utilize a large amount of human energy, time and resources to create economic ecosystem where everyone has opportunities at every level of monetization in one place. With this we deliver Tipper next paradigm of social media. We spent the last decade for control of the circulation of digital content, now it’s time to master the art of passing a wealth of digital. This is a fundamental way of life which occupies a large part of human life. A large amount of energy and human resources that go into social media, creativity, energy and money is very underused and could be used for something much bigger. This enormous energy put into social media, needs to be converted into economic opportunities.
For Tipper alone could create an economy where previously there was only the activity through a new paradigm of tip of peer-to-peer tipping culture. Social economy Tipper rests on the four pillars of the Foundation. The four pillars that have been designed to encourage new monetization paradigm peer-to-peer. The four pillars of the act as the engine of economic stimulation and creating a structure of incentives that make up the new value proposition among users, content creators and advertisers. As for the four pillars namely:
1. Content Investing: Market the world’s first Content, where all users are able to make investments and obtain content from each. Two-way monetization opportunities.
2. Momentisasi: the moment that collectively we share and celebrate. Offside game, which made performance history. Now, for the first time, with Tipper, the moment that binds millions, will yield millions. Tipper now allows creators of the moment, and the people who celebrate it, to menguangkannya together by allowing users to give a tip at this moment. This time will be used to raise funds to buy assets that generate income for the community. Momentized revenue going back to Tipper Social EconomyTM, for circulation of peer-to-peer.
3.-Change Tipping  “Like ” to Tip: limit the output to express appreciation, who spent the monetization opportunity is unprecedented for the countless users who push social media with all skills, creativity, and their energy. Tipper is not only making money on a particular post, but now there is no limit to what you can get in the post that, opening a Pandora’s box of opportunity like never before, and tell a new meaning as a whole. 
4. Tipper advertising Model: about monetization for each user, so that people can thrive. That’s why 100% of all ad revenue goes into the user addressed to Tipper platform-where should be granted. This revolutionary incentives designed to stimulate Social Economy billions of dollars, because Tipper advertising will spread among the people. 
Participating in the ICO Tipper, society will participate in the growth of the project in the future which is also designed for their own needs. Tipper itself are the result of teamwork led by Roomi Sahi, working with managers, developers, consultants, marketing experts and experienced professionals in their field. the attempt to give their best to their ability in the project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best service, and gains to anyone interested to join in this project please feel free to join.
So the ICO project info from Tipper, also the best ICO project, cryptocurrency, token, altcoin from ethereum er20 blockchain technology. This article is based on personal views, it would be nice to our investment-related analysis in advance. Type of investment certainly has a large or small depending on the risk scale of investment and whether the concept is nice

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