TIPPER The Social Economy

TIPPER In the development of a current technology, an increasing array of improvement in the various sectors continue to experience a great improvement, and also because of the encouragement of a technology increasingly makes various changes, innovations and also the rate on the increasing creativity and then life is getting better, the level of interaction is getting nicer, good interaction through business release a business or getting more increase and also on interaction with his family, getting better, because technology is increasingly bringing a nice color for the more qualified and for increases ranging from economic sectors, the agency or agencies are increasingly well controlled, both in system management and also on a security system that will be more and more increased with different factor endowments as well as both together team team reliable in doing a variety of innovation innovation that brings a wide range of major changes for the more better in the future, here we will memperkenlkan a breakthrough new technology development in an IE on a platform best decentralized and also in an economic development and also the interactions that increasingly more increased i.e. Tipper a development i.e. in a social media for economic development means that more and better with the level of decentralization that is well controlled.

Tipper, is an innovation in a structure and also the concept that has been applied and has also been implemented in a special i.e. platfrom has been decentralized and have development on a social media program to increase a good interaction together with colleagues, friends or in interactions in a business or businesses to improve a relationship that is increasingly on the rise, while maintaining security and control system is also a good one, and also maintain the klient with good privacy.

Mission: improving a Tipper interaction within a social relationship well and give you an appreciation for the participant who contributed in the interaction, and also provide an increase in the level of economic network a decentralized it well.
The Structure Of The Roadmap Tipper

The journey begins in the year 2015 i.e. development concepts, and the development of research, then in may 2016 did let angel, and in may 2017 do joint development blockhain, in January-March 2018 token distribution activities and events, in the month of feberuari 2018 doing final on development, and in september 2018 global procurement and also pelaunchingan platfrom.

Provide a solution in the provision of a wide range of product quality product with different relative price competitive, or as a market place that can serve as an opportunity for a business or a business, so the more developed and also the more the quality level has continued to rise and the level on the interaction that is increasingly getting better, at present and also in the future, and improve the various productifitas in a variety of product.

Advantage Of The Tipper:
1. a good Acceleration Level with the features of P2P network 2. Integrated and decentralized governance with social media such as facebook and youtobe
3. The speed at which transactions are quick and fast confirmation
4. controlled security system properly 5. Level of privacy is maintained with a good 6. Support and guarantee very responsible
7. Raise odds on business or businesses to increasingly more increased

Crowdsale Activity detail Tipper: Crowdsale Activities held on 01 February 2018
The activities of Crowdsale ended on March 31, 2018
Hardcap is 50 Milions USD
Softcap is 15 Milions USD
The price at the time the presale is $0.20
The price at the time the Main sale was $0.25
Total Supply is 700 million PLA
200 million PLA for activity tokensale
60% is for Miner 10% is for the founder

Website: https://www.tippereconomy.io
White Paper: https://goo.gl/jVd2Q3
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tippereconomy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tippereconomy
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HjnmdhAb4dOBxP8eaiNmoA

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