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TITANIUM Need to begin with the fact that TITANIUM is a service-based infrastructure Blockchain. The idea of this project is that in this world, can there be such a scheme involving that company can fully didesentralisasi full TI, including processing, data storage, protection, load services, routers, network devices and so on. If this can be translated into reality, it would be very cool and very convenient for everyone associated with IT technology.

TITANIUM is planning to enter the cloud the cloud service, which is under the control of the leaders of the main markets in the areas of provisioning and virtualization, such as Amazon and Microsoft Azure. The developers of the project have been planned that this market needs to be slightly moved, expanded, improved and made so easy for everyone. Here’s Blockchain technology will be built this project.

TITANIUM is a project with many advantages, the list of which is refilled every day. Let me list them to you:
-The first thing worthy of mention is the TITANIUM offers the cheaper frames — amounting to 50%, compared to other similar projects that are not even using Blockchain technology.
-If we count the shared work experience of the founders of the TITANIUM team about this activity, then a combined 200 years of it, not the least, even very much, there is still much to be learned.
-Blockchain-technology complex project teams are teams that specialize in high professional level, these guys really know what they’re doing and know how to behave in certain things.
-General Director of the project — Michael Stollar — are the ones that attract the attention of people, people who will gain trust between the communities every day, with every effort that is wise, so that the number of subscribers exceeds thousands of people.
-Many clients project switched to their associated EHI campaign (this is a company that was founded by the General Director of TITANIUM) — for example, a campaign of Apple, IBM, eBay, McDonalds, SAP and many other popular global campaign.

People who would invest in the project TITANIUM (automatically, investors) will receive a token called BAR — this is a token that can be used for individual project owners as payment for services that will be offered by project TITANIUM. This, in turn, will affect the fact that the potential gains for capital investment will grow quickly.
-TITANIUM is the start up of the first universal and based on Blockchain, which has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (i.e. from the Bureau to improve business practices — abbreviated BBB) and from Dun Bradstreet & (abbreviated D & B).
-If we compare TITANIUM with its competitors, it should be noted that this project aims to decentralize the campaign infrastructure in order to provide a more secure and efficient two times cheaper than competitors — it is a very significant advantage.

TITANIUM really project that reveals the real potential and valuable technology Blockchain. Services provided by the project include: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), as a service (CaaS), will also be available by using the cloud TM (BYOC) itself, DEXchange TM, Monitoring as a service ( Maas), block as a service (BaaS), Pertambangansebagai TM Services (MIaaS), instant Incubator ICO (ІІІ) and many more.

Blockit-service infrastructure TITANIUM abbreviated TBIS, developed on the platform Blockchain, which in turn ensures that the various changes in the environment it will be recorded and are always stored in the system.

TBIS guarantee nearly one hundred percent reliable continuous operation from a variety of devices and applications, which ensures the management of the company Follow-the-Sun, the monitoring service, elimination of damage to offline, optimisation of recovery mechanism emergency and also redundancy. This will allow the system to ride high on the step leader.

Thanks to TBIS, a variety of attacks, for example, widespread DDO attacks (denial of service) and various malicious programs will be prevented. And, in General, the solution of all the problems will be provided. In addition, the TBIS will provide an opportunity for clients to create a miner crypto currency.

Polynoviet Administrative interface (UI) that is easy to use will be available on the Apple platform, iOS and Android. The UI provides infinite possibilities about the settings and about the creation of these infrastructure components, and everything will soon be passed.

And in General, TITANIUM offers a very economical operation and convenient: a reduction in recovery time (MTTR), the cost of purchasing and operating a lower (OCS), quick refund based on capital investment (ROI).

TITANIUM position looks very deliberate — perfection, just sheer honesty and integrity. Motivation motivation, as for me. The project team includes people who are true professionals in the field of merekadengan vast experience in this field. They are specialists, there is nothing that needs to be debated. Co-founder and CEO of the project — Michael Stollar — has achieved many things in his life. He created the company named EHI, which gives advice on technology, and specializes in managing corporate infrastructure. Employee of EHI carefully and seriously organize their activities in the company and made it the center of a landmark. And, in General, all the things that Michael did develop and grow further with great success.

It should be also noted that in TITANIUM there will never be a problem regarding the viability of the product being developed (with a problem like that, incidentally, there are a large number of projects in the field of modern crypto currency). And all because the search company and people who want to buy and use specific products of the project will be carried out with the help of subsidiary EHI, because TITANIUM will become the official owner of the EHI client base. And because the EHI has gained trust among mankind, and has become a reliable and secure service for clients, TITANIUM will also become a prestigious and reliable project for people with a high value.

Buy a token project called TITANIUM BAR — they really will give you profit and success, don’t hesitate. Official sales (ICO) token BAR will last for 60 days (2 months) — starting January 1 until March 1, 2018 2018 a. for 1 ETH you could buy 300 BAR. In addition, good news! In the first hour, 72 BAR token will be sold at a low cost.

But! You can buy yourself a token BAR before January 1 — on the pre-sale (preICO), who’s been on time (for one month — December). If you invest $5,000 in this project, you will get a bonus of 20%. That is, 1.2 BAR that you would buy for $1 US — very profitable.

Join the ranks of the participants project TITANIUM and you will understand that you are happy because you have been a part of it, because this is an innovation, here’s a glimpse of the future this is modern technology that will increase . Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of our world and the history of happy!

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