SCAM ALLERT – TOKENPAY – Branded Paper Wallet And Key Generator

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TOKENPAY – Security is considered in various aspects. Let alone speak cryptocurrency business problems. Security becomes a major choice, because based on the facts that happened, very much the hackers who targeted bitcoin or altcoin from the pemengang token or coin. Responding to this, one of the companies engaged in the world of krypto created a new innovation to maintain and ensure the security of your coins. The innovation is the TokenPay. What is a TokenPay?
TokenPay is a project of the decentralized payment platforms and independent. Based on mathematics, wholly designed to enable secure transactions between many parties. With maximum user safety as a focal point, the system is accessed exclusively through Tor Browser is encrypted. Transactions done with a given crypto himself and cannot be tracked called TPAY pinned with safety features the latest and most sophisticated. These characteristics include locking system silently, encrypted messages, completely anonymous and trading algorithms unique hashing which allows quick and safe transaction in any condition.
Digital ecosystem further strong driven by a custom built 2 of 3 Multisignature Transaction Engine (MTE). This sophisticated Protocol to protect user TPAY currency. When the transaction blockchain TPAY is initialized, all parties signed with the corresponding private key. This signature acts as an analog for the actions of certain public address. Transactions are being automatically become fully executed because all parties on blockchain can later verify the signature using the public address.

TokenPay have included peer to peer instant messaging system is encrypted using an algorithm to keep private conversations while using the wallet TokenPay. All messages sent and received is encrypted by AES-256-CBC proven and distributed among the nodes in such a way as to prevent a recipient is not compromised or seen by anyone not really means, even if hackers can view the entire network and/or run of network nodes. To reduce the risk and inconvenience of password sharing significantly, we implemented a method of Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman that has been proven and trusted or also known as ECDH key exchange.

A secure encrypted wallet from TokenPay using automation technology breakthrough Proof-of-Stake which is supported by a fully decentralized TPAY blockfain. User desktop wallet received the award due to just let their wallets open. Processing power of your computer’s graphics card pushes the machine completion TPAY. This is a decentralized network, which is fully supported by its users. Some of the TokenPay desktop and mobile digital wallet has been fully developed and available for download now. Click here to register an account.

TokenPay is planning to form a new bank Charter, partnered or get licensed banks in Vanuatu. Along with the desire to meet TokenPay customer kriptocurrency by adjusting the compliance department about this theme, this is an important first step. The creation of a bank that is fully committed towards customer with crypto is the ideal situation. The most desirable is a partnership or an acquisition of a bank which already have many existing correspondent banking relationships required to make transactions in major currencies.

In addition, international debit card allows you instant access to funds multiple currencies in automatic teller machines network. Transparent pricing and low cost make debit card BlueDiamond became a very interesting mechanism to monetize digital token to allow the purchase of hard assets. A digital token user as TPAY or Bitcoin can be accessed whenever needed thanks to the real-time exchange of private covered will be part of the banking platform TokenPay.

TokenPay launches sales of digital token TPAY is hard to raise funds for the project TokenPay and the general purposes of the company. This will allow the team the ability to add more features to the platform. Increase in maximum will be 5000 Bitcoin during sales and presale combination token. The number of tokens that are issued per Bitcoin will depend on the appropriate table appointed Bitcoin structure bonuses specified in this whitepaper. Prospective buyers can exchange TPAY a number of such fractional amounts including Bitcoin 0.010 Bitcoin. There will be discounts offered to buyers early TPAY will rot with the amount claimed for sale TPAY token. There will also be a bonus offer for referring buyers to a sale of digital token TPAY. THERE is NO OPENING or COST after the BTC in Exchange for TPAY.


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