TokenUnion – The First Way to Earn ROI on Your Tokens in a Decentralized Fashion

TokenUnion – In principle, part of the Tokenunion ecosystem management will be implemented the principle of remuneration for those who hold or any token of the ERC20 standard. Own application will allow investors not only to store tokens reliably but also to receive a good reward, by means of an increase in the account.

A basic principle of Tokenunion platform operationThe SEO team sets ambitious plans to promote the ecosystem, and users will be presented with extensive site features:
 Regular remuneration system. It is enough for the user to configure the application mode once, and then the platform will be guaranteed to transfer to the reward account.
 You can use the settings for both a single token and a Kriptoaktivov group.
 The automated principle of receiving dividends. Everything is fair and transparent. The system automatically accrues dividends, taking on low commission and transaction costs.
 All members of the eco-community can enter smart contracts directly, avoiding interaction with unnecessary intermediaries. Complete decentralization will be an important factor in the attractiveness of the site.

Complete security and transparency will be the basis of the site. It is intended to set a minimum commission fee, which will be only 5% in the UNI token (own project token).
Project Features
One of the chips will be an interesting model of receiving rewards. You can include any ERC20 standard token in the listing. All funds will be stored on the basis of the Bancor protocol. For example, you will need to get 1000 UNI as the due reward. The reward system would look like this: 60% will be in the BAT, and the remainder of 40%-in the form of OMG. On your current smart contract returns 600 uni in the equivalent of the marker wat and the remaining 400 uni-similar to the equivalent of Kriptoaktiva OMG. This scheme will help you to cover all of your costs while carrying out transactions within the system.

The technical structure is developed on the basis of the algorithm Solidity (for the backend) and Javascript (used for the user interface). The combined interaction of the two protocols creates a single standard of the reward DAO Smart contract that handles the logical chain of steps of network users. TokenUnion Further processing and reprocessing of data, calculation of all remunerations, commissions and Other costs. On the final output, the user receives only a fixed amount of UNI.

The user interface and the Server service program are being modernized, the architecture is changing, which will allow investors in the future to get additional features of the improved functionality of the tokenunion ecosystem. The Reward DAO contract structure has an isolated work scheme that protects user information and data, as well as information about the account and possible hacker attacks. In order to deploy activities in the Ethereum network and its standards, the company needs to carry out an audit by the main parent platform.

About the token and the distribution of rewards
The UNI symbol will be used as the official marker. According to the developers ‘ decision, UNI will not give priority to users to receive income or conditional remuneration. As an effective way to apply a token, you will be charged for internal transactions between the ERC20 standard tokens. Each time the distribution of 100% of the profit will take place, no distribution share of the Commission for withdrawal is transferred to the Tokenunion Association.

TokenUnion The symbol of the interest withdrawal will be introduced, which will have a TNV, it should take into account the contributions of individual Kriptoinvestorov. For example, the user owns approximately 2.8% TNV, it will be guaranteed to receive only the same 2.8% of the established Commission for withdrawal, without affecting the condition, how often accruals and payouts. The system will automatically recalculate the TNV in the Ether Course (ETH), taking into account the current change in the exchange rate value of the tokens.

Project Team
Shayne Coplan, CEO.
Ryan Hendricks, SEO developer Solidity.
Samuel Mlodozeniec, Blockchain group.
Jaredmadfes, operations CEO.
Sean Park, Software Developer.
Mark Barrasso, a security specialist.

Friends! The abundance of cryptocurrency does not allow to make the right decision, especially in the part of profit extraction. Today, ERC20 standard tokens are very much, and Jefirium, as the parent project provides an extensive field of activity for development. Although the project Tokenunion has a complex management structure, you can use the site to combine efforts to profit from the many tokens of the ERC20 standard. I recommend to study this project as deeply as possible, it can noticeably increase your income.

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