TopLancer Built On Blockchain Connecting Clients And Freelancers Globally

Toplancer is a system that in the wake of the above Ethereal based blockchain, has been developed with the explicit intention to acquire the whole of $1.5 trillion as a freelance economy. We help you finding a freelance work online, and we give you the latest blockchain technology to manage and deliver the freelancing projects. Our vision is to help freelancers and tops the world of work. Toplancer aims to revive the freelance community.
How Toplancer can help the freelancers with Blockchain??
To give an understanding of Blockchain should be gradual — if consumers everyday to see the advantages of Blockchain then they slowly will agree to use it.

How Blockchain Helps Increase Economy??
It’s hard to say how many freelancers in the world at present, but some estimates estimate there are around 50 million in the U.S. alone. Actually predicted that by the year 2020 more than 50% of adult workers in the U.S. will be identified as a freelancer.

It is safe to say that the rapid increase in freelance popularity but this industry is not without its own problems. Blockchain-powered platform that caters to freelancers could, theoretically, could finish some of them.

Talk to freelancers today and the first thing they will complain is a hefty fee to be paid. And after the contract was approved and sent to the client, it works.
Transaction costs can take a small piece of your income. A few days ago I received a payment for the services provided by PayPal. PayPal not only deduct $17 in transaction costs, this also gives me an unnatural rate which means I end up losing an extra $13 compared to the open market. Thirty dollars may not seem like a lot but when you collect dozens of clients, it could add up.

The problem is compounded if you seek clients through third-party platforms such as Upwork or Script. The intermediary Agency routinely reduce 15 – 20% of the contract which was agreed upon as the cost of their own. No freelancers who are happy with this arrangement — after all, it is very difficult to be the source of the client in the first place.
Let us also take into account that PayPal does not work everywhere and many freelancers lose project for this reason. The economy is performing a truly decentralized will not become victims of internal policies of large conglomerates.

The hype surrounding the Blockchain extends to property transactions and major financial transactions as it can get rid of the expensive lawyers who mediate and to verify the agreement. Freelancing is also ripe for disruption — at this point it is too easy for individuals to promote themselves through reviews of fake and spam.

And the problem is if a critical mass of people using a dubious way to market themselves then you will also follow the bandwagon or run the risk of being left behind. Smart contract based on Blockchain really can eliminate this possibility.

In this scenario, the client will be asked to enter your reviews only after job completed successfully. A timeless record of the review will be posted on Blockchain, with the freelancers do not have the means to change it. This helps the company as well as honest workers who prefer to spend their time in more productive searches.
There are already some market Blockchain that tries to provide an alternative to the popular freelance platform. Toplancer will be the best in the list.

Not the kind of problem You freelancers — writers, programmers, graphic designers, UX experts, or digital marketers — creative genes certainly is part of your DNA. That is why it is frustrating when your work mercilessly copied and plastered all over the internet. You do not receive the recognition for that and also you do not qualify to earn a passive income that may arise.
And there is not much you can do to claim it as your own. Very expensive lawyers and freelancers do not have that kind of cash. Blockchain, however, is the way to avoid this problem. The recording of any kind of proprietary works can be securely stored in it with the system also has the power to mediate if there are allegations of plagiarism.

With a value of Bitcoin surged as well as the emergence of crypto more like Wireshark and Ripple, many individuals are now seriously considering to accept it as payment compared to major currencies.

That’s because it’s also a sensible investment decisions. There are many people out there who insist that Bitcoin will continue to increase in the future. And it doesn’t seem to relate to the fact if you consider the past Bitcoin.One of the biggest impacts are projected to be in the Blockchain financial services sectors. By receiving keepsake, the freelancers can benefit from early mover.

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