TRADE PHARMA NETWORK – Enabling Healthcare Businesses to Build Transparency

Trade Pharma  – Project Trade Pharma Network offers a completely new concept with solutions to problems that exist in the current pharmaceutical market
Trade Pharma Network helps business pharmaceutical healthcare & to trade drugs safely & efficient, but also to establish the transparency of the trust inherent in & process in the supply chain of their goods to prevent & counterfeiting medicines.
This project offers solutions for the following problems:
 prevent counterfeiting medicines
Enable healthcare business to build transparency and trust in the supply chain their supply &, creating more predictability for manufacturing to manage their drug inventories more efficiently to prevent the shortage of drugs and counterfeit drugs are parallel imports &.
 Improve the efficiency of Manufacturing
Smart tools that collect data and operational status (time, temperature, load, ready for use/operation/under the cleansing/under maintenance)
Add a package of sensors to gather data on the device using the back-end platform build & platform IoT industry
Run the analytic data to predict when a piece of equipment can be turned off
Automatic request incidents triggered by integration with ticket management system
Sensors that collect metadata for analysis to identify and reduce the causes of variability processes and improve production results
Visibility of the human and material movement throughout the workshop through the tracking and monitoring technology.
 Promote Charity
Empower people to better connect with the causes they care about using & Blockchain Artificial Intelligence. With the help of a cutting-edge platform, the project allows the matching algorithm in Organization and payment system Donor & decentralized with the lowest cost possible, globally.
 Manufacturing Additives with a 3D printer
This project will commercialize the tablet printed in 2-3 years into the future. The biggest challenge for the 3D molding is not the technology itself, but rather Trade Pharma  a regulatory environment. The project has already begun, alongside partners (pharmacists, academics, …), laid the foundations for the 3D molding special medicines expenditure on some points.
Other project proposals in brief:
 Trade & Pharmaceutical user experience
This project will provide multi-platform services and new trade-related experience for consumers by integrating Blockchain & AI into the Marketplace to create a useful website navigation and efficient as well as providing a description and more detailed product visualization to consumers
 Interconnection  “”
A global network of small, powerful sensors that allow the physical object of the heavy equipment, mobile, and wearable devices, to the physical structures, vehicles, and equipment to connect, interact and share data with each other using Blockchain & IoT & IIoT.
 Payment Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Scalable Exchange
Users will have the ability to freely convert to token wherever they want, including a token Trade Pharma Network (TXP), to eliminate the cost and purchase services, all in a simple manner & efficiently
 Pharma Healthcare Staffing
Build a community of talents & strong relationships with specific candidates that cannot be found by most customers projects
For ICO, the token will be directly sent to investors through Smart Contracts and will be frozen until the end of ICO.
Trade Pharma  The token is not sold will be burned at the end of ICO and the different ratio will remain the same to maintain balance in the new ecosystem and economy.
There is no emission of a new token that will be done after the end of ICO.
TXP: Token
Total: 1 billion supply the token
The price of Tokens: $0.07
SoftCap: $2.5 Million
MiddleCap: $10 Million
HardCap: $20 Million
Important dates:
Private sale: August 20-September 28
Pre TGE: October 2-October 16
TGE main: 17 October-16 November

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