Trade Pharma  – Today’s world there are a lot of projects related to blockchain technologies applied in our daily life, but Trade Pharma Network is a future project, licensed by the EU, and an international farm-oriented market for buyers and Regular drug operations. The artificial intelligence (AI) platform uses powerful AI algorithms for effective search and digital mapping between key stakeholders.

About the project
The main idea of Trade Pharma Network is to effectively combat counterfeit drugs in Europe and the world. It also provides a full range of services that facilitate the exchange of information, communication, and transactions between pharmaceutical and medical institutions. The basic technology is built on private, public and hybrid Blockchain networks that provide transparency in this multi-billion dollar industry. Indeed, Trade Pharma Network, thanks to its advanced Trade Pharma  decentralized applications that allow our users to disrupt the trust industry in order to change the world for the better with a distributed book, not limited to Restricted access from outside our network.

Trade Pharma Network Goals
Their main goal is to pharmaceutical trade, and the platform is merged, distributors-Importers and exporters, drug manufacturers, wholesalers, hospital and distribution pharmacies, non-profit organizations and corporate partners in Europe and Worldwide. Online transactions between all parties are made in a simple and efficient way. As we see a rather not bad partner chain that allows medical companies to trade pharmaceuticals safely and efficiently. Pharma Network’s trading platform supports high-quality authentic products made with care for the health of our Earth’s population, and it will soon become reality.

Strategic partnerships with the world’s leading companies are at the heart of the trade Pharma Network’s development plan. Like Trade Pharma Network, their partners devote themselves to expanding the experience of their clients and providing them with full control of the mechanisms of joint use of pharmaceuticals.

ICO Advisor
ICO Information
Start Date: Aug 20. In 2018
End Date: Oct 16 In 2018
Token: TXP
At the moment the project is on the verge of white paper and road map issue.

The Trade Pharma Network project looks very promising, and there is a chance that it will be successful. The team looks professional, the group of consultants has a very reliable background. The idea is strong because it is directly related to our health, which is the most important for each person.

The project gives the impression that it is firmly standing on the feet. In support of this qualitatively drafted technical document, high-quality technologies and impeccable reputation of the team, marketing strategy, as well as the community created by the team Project, which will become a system of self-regulation.

The creators of Trade Pharma Network have set for themselves goals that are very important and this without exaggeration can be called the future of the pharmaceutical industry. and the trust of patients will not take long to wait.

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