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TRANSCODIUM A decentralised project that has a value of profitable trades against the potential investor or stock growers is one of the projects that will undergo rapid increase considering the fluctuations of Exchange digital assets increase very significant at the beginning of this year. The definition of the network is using a theme that is quite unique from other blockchain platforms around the world, has a value of balance and an investment process that has a profita is larger than the required capital in trading assets modern digital. Transcodium blockchain is the platform which was first introduced in terms of unique creative ideas in market economy trade tokens which you can start to sell traded in private as well as in platform digital asset Exchange site.

Transcodium is one of the results of the development of the blockchain industry suffered a great performance and a great idea based on systems which directly opens the opportunity to investors to be more open with the investment of the token. Be one of the first digenerasi platform blockchain this company want to realize and help investors to better care about the economic disadvantage suffered by many people all over the world in the concept of mutual help as investments that can be traded by users listed on the blockchain platform. Some of the key points of the platform of Transcodium would be the points that will be owned by most of the investors who are already registered or potential investors who will be starting his business on this platform are All

Responding to the terms and conditions of Transcodium platform is a source of income that will provide a balanced value of an ecosystem of mutual benefit between buyers and sellers in this case is an economic concept of investor who have average opportunities value greater than income a capital investment, selling tokens will be distributed deeper to investors who want to have a profit in this platform. The opportunity to build a relationship with the projects in the follow is one good effort in the project trade legal token and crypto and secure in the industry blockchain, begin trading and doing system analysis of balanced became one of its own tactics and ideas that run kebanyakn investors. Transcodium a decentralized platform blockchain which aims to build the investment impact on the positive side pengelolahan funds that will be invested in this platform, in other words it is the platform for investors across the world.

Transcodium present at the beginning of the year became the trading company has certain privileges crypto, with the number and height of his current crypto market trading that ruled the market. Company Transcodium became one of the major companies that have a great success rate in the future. Trade in the world cryptocurrency was never separated from his up and down fluctuations in currency values and exchange of coins, this is a natural thing in experience by the trading company crypto Furthermore the company not have a creative idea that can keep your system kestabillan out incoming investment, surely this is a disaster that could be fatal with the destruction of the company. Decentralised investment fund on the blockchain platform to investors all over the world is an effective philosophy offered by these platforms. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the Outsourcer and the owner of the token. With many markets in the world this year in the cryptocurency allows competitors from many companies that manage the trade or trade must have privilege and creativity are more unique, this could be one point of success that could be achieved by the trade community of crypto.

Tokens Are Sold (TNS)
The company has trade value which is quite exceptional in any Exchange. Provides convenience to the prospective investors the stock is one of the things that might be classified as usual by the company cryptocurrency in the world, but which gives the details clear and efficient at the same time is detailed road map mengindetifikasi If these companies really pay attention to prospective stock growers to come. If you’re looking for the market as a place to trade coins, this is a solution that you can take as one of the major options trading market crypto based blockchain platform. Comes with the latest technology from blockchain platform Transcodium is one coin trading market and exchange market democracy through a system of crypto, which has great benefits against revenue raiser. Not only that Transcodium here has the advantage that is arguably better than other markets as a trade place crypto.

Transcodium new trading platform that is based on the successful blockchain method shows the market and changing the ecosystem functions of finance. This system uses a platform for colleagues-be a way to support the trading process for certain types of assets. In addition, the platform also uses its own cryptocurrency famously known for being a trade Token. Developers expect to make huge liquidity target to hold trade Token to provide benefits to the holder of the token. The aim of this platform is to be a leader in changing some financial assets with blockchain technology. After you decide to join this trade site, surely I am convinced by the experiential and creative ideas from the founder of lets you keep investing and starting the Exchange or trade of course provide income a great benefit to you at once.

The future of the Transcodium platform as first generation platform that offers solutions to problems that investors couldn’t get timely and at any moment see the change in the market or Exchange crypto downs of regular price on crypto make the platform sought by the user who is ready for automatic notifications into cell devices around the world without leaving the slightest activity they do. Aiming to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem concept between merchants and users as well as a platform that could continuously helps the stability of income. To resolve problems that are often found by most investors, Transcodium present to complete it all at once with the intelligent solution providing a platform that helps performance and convenience

Sale Token Info:
Ticker: TNS
Pre-order the ICO Start: January 7th, 2018
ICO End: February 28th, 2018
ICO Token Price: 1 TNS = -35 $0.25 USD
Bonus: Yes
The Token Type: ERC20
Total Token Supply: 120 million TOTAL NETWORK SOLUTIONS
A total of 86.4 million For Sale: TNS
Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC
Soft Cap: $500.000 USD
Hard Cap: $30 million USD


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