TreeBlock – A Public Hierarchy-Time Sharding Blockchain

TreeBlock – a Good time of day, dear friends, today we will discuss a project called Treeblock. So be comfortable. Treeblock is a project using the most advanced technologies (blockchain, smart contracts, etc.), capable of scaling these technologies up to several significant in Tps chains compared to the blockchain. This is blockchain open source. With scalability, the platform can be used to project anything that requires high-performance blockchain.

First of all, the platform tries to make the work easier for all of us. It connects a network of users around the world with advanced devices, smart contracts, and AI. AI in the system with the permission of users will share their information in the system to better meet the needs of users. You just imagine an effective system that will allow you and all your loved ones to just enjoy life.

• How does the platform work?
This platform forms a centralized network in which each family will act as a unit. Vital information about the family will be disseminated through a network of small families. TreeBlock The information will be protected from all kinds of threats with the help of advanced security features of blockchain technology. Youroot represents a family-based blockchain technology designed and implemented only to connect family members and bring them closer together.

This platform will be used by family members to store their personal data that they want to keep for their descendants. This is an innovative approach to new generation acquaintance with the values and assets of your family. Families would like to use this platform to bridge and eliminate distances. There has never been a solution designed specifically for families, but it is now available and you can use it.

• What is a family vision?
Family Vision is something that is very meaningful and more to all on our journey, and all that will soon realize our relationships, Health, home, memories, emotions, etc.. The platform will help to manage the various aspects of this family company that will Connect, share, and integrate data with each other. We present the first solution based on the blockchain, which allows each mobile phone to be connected as a node and each blockchain-family to create a new digital society. You can manage your daily life, whether it’s communication, finances, memory sharing, travel planning, health care, education, family inheritance, or between families. Innovative application, which is safe, integrated and easy to use.

TreeBlock Imagine a centralized network where each family is a unit, your information is guaranteed and divided inside, the main family is supported by our family blockchain technology. The project begins with a vision to help families manage their daily lives along with important personal records and data that will be passed on to the next generation. Thanks to this innovation, we will create a centralized place for families to get closer even if the distance is farther. “As a tribute to them ” who helped to realize and our members in this network, we called Treeblock, because you are important and family as a tree that will be the last generation.

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