TREON The Savings Will Reach up to 80% on the Existing Transaction Fees

TREON project is a decentralized mobile platform with electronic purse functions. Thanks to this unique symbiosis, TREON users can pay for any required utilities using intelligent contracts, as well as all available benefits of blockchain technology. The developers of the decentralized mobile platform TREON want to provide their customers with the ability to perform any required transactions with cryptocurrency in an instant, reliable and secure manner.

Payment of utility services-a very outdated segment, which has long been in need of modernization. The TREON application is a simple, comfortable solution to all existing problems. No restrictions on payment, you do not have to spend money to pay commissions, just use the capabilities of the TREON platform to make the necessary amount to the section of public services. The platform works anywhere in the world-geographical boundaries do not play an important role, which greatly simplifies the procedure of payment of utilities. You will be able to carry out the transaction while on vacation-it only takes a few seconds.

The basis of the unique project TREON became blockchain Jefirium. This is a unique opportunity for customers of the platform-they will have the chance to make the most efficient and safe payment of telephone bills and other utilities. The cornerstone of the TREON ecosystem is mobile devices that allow you to perform all the necessary transactions incredibly easily and quickly. The application is very clear, the interface allows you to immediately understand the peculiarities of its functioning, regardless of the level of technical training of the user.

Problems that the TREON project can solve
Most average people use the services of centralized firms to pay utility bills. But it is very difficult and long-some companies accept only cash, others-put invoices in an incomprehensible time. This approach does not allow the payment process to be as simple and fast as possible. Yes, there are terrestrial banks that allow you to use cards to pay for services-but this requires some financial literacy from a person. Many people are not able to use financial instruments of the bank, they are too difficult to understand. That is why the developers of TREON decided to create a unique decentralized mobile application with the most simple and clear functionality.

What problems can be encountered today:
System maintenance requires serious costs;
Customer service is a segment that is constantly evolving and requires new investments.
Only the digital standards are able to solve all the existing problems, it is on this based developer’s decentralized platform TREON.

Peculiarities of TREON functioning
The basis of this reliable modular platform is blockchain. Today, decentralized solutions are very popular-people can quickly and safely make any necessary funds to pay utility bills. Such a system is effective and modern if you draw parallels with other centralized services.

If the user does not want to cooperate with the bank-it is enough just to use the services TREON. You’ll have to learn a little to understand the nuances of a decentralized platform, but in the future it will bring its dividends. If we consider the main purpose of the project TREON-developers want to add some effective tools that will allow customers to easily make any necessary transactions within the system. Intellectual contracts are a guarantee of high-quality payments fulfillment, all information is stored inside the chains.

A digital payment system is a future, the advantages of which users can feel already today. The decentralized TREON platform will be the first step towards introducing innovations into the public service payment segment. Digital money can be used not only for trading on popular exchanges. Thanks to the mobile application TREON, which is also an electronic purse, users will be able at any time to pay for any public services without commissions and constant queues in centralized services.

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