Treon TXO Token – Don’t Wait in Line any Longer, Be Part of the Future

TREON (TXO) is token utilities Ethereum blockchain based and e-wallet to pay the utility bill using a powerful technology in a way that is fully decentralized and safer.
The utility sector has been having intermittent customer-centered innovation for many years. The disruptive blockchain technology used by e-wallet TXO offers extensive opportunities for service providers to drive cost efficiencies and increase profitability while giving greater control to the consumer for the use of they and the wider financial inclusion and comfort. With Treon, we will make the payment of your utility bills into one easy click experience-anytime, anywhere.
Treon (TXO) is focused on providing compelling value-added services that will simplify the management utilities and payment process like never before: consumers will affect their payments instantly using the combined dashboard that simple.
In addition, Treon (TXO) was on his way to bringing large numbers of new users to the crypto space by linking billions of customer utility to the blockchain. Our vision is to reach the point in the near future where the consumer utilities worldwide use token Treon (TXO) as a currency of choice and their preferred means of payment. We are ready to convince utility companies to receive the token Treon (TXO) from customers due to the faster, safer, and cheaper to operate and use.
Treon’s business model is based on multiple streams of income that comes from different utility services, especially from the margin distribution, transaction costs, and the cost of use of the platform. TREON (TXO) will establish a healthy margin while providing significant savings to utility providers.
Treon provides rewards to customers from the use of the token TXO to make adoption and usage much more interesting. In addition, these savings will be the catalyst for the utility companies to move their cross-trading contracts to blockchain to be able to manage their business transactions in an effective manner.
Through the consolidation of the margin and the costs above, Treon’s business model is built to address the growing global marketplace and become a true partner for utility providers, which brings real value to the consumer and the provider.
1 TOKEN, 1 SCREEN & 1 click
With one click of a button, you will be able to buy a token (TXO), view your usage and affect your payment for all your utilities anywhere in the world. Combining the ease of a single interface via multiple payment options to settle the Bills from various companies Utility in one dashboard.
Decentralized utility payment gateways and applications processing wallet developed for all customers around the world including those that do not have a bank account, with the smartphone application certificate and simple to manage and pay all your payments in a variety of utility accounts.
Treon will ensure the integrity and security of e-wallet using smart contracts blockchain the Ethereum function as wallet multi-signature (multisign). We have partnered with some of the expert’s cryptocurrency purse to give users Treon (TXO) with the best experience of the ecosystem of crypto.
The Consolidated User-Friendly Display
The inclusion of the Unbanked
Different Utility account management
Edit and Optimize Consumption
Rechargeable & Payment
In Return For A Payment-Loyalty Program
Smart notification
Transaction Cost Savings
Covenant Partnership
The Participation Of Industry
Treon Release Incentive Model
Educate Consumers
Application Support
Treon influence with Impact
Give incentives to green and renewable energy use
More than 5.0 billion people around the world is an advanced mobile user. This has been the most important life-line to connect, do business, entertain, buy sell and pay & through our daily lives.
TREON (TXO) will use your mobile phone as a bridge for customers to harness the power of technology blockchain and cryptocurrency. According to the World Bank and the GSMA, 3.8 billion from all global mobile users do not have a bank account. Treon token (TXO) aims to bridge the digital divide for those who do not have bank accounts, giving them the opportunity to participate in the online space that is constantly evolving.
The real opportunities of the fast-moving digital economy have not fully explored in a variety of different utility sectors. The growth and market potential are in the trillions of u.s. dollars in the sector of telecommunications, electricity, natural gas, green energy, and water.
Treon (TXO) ready to seize growth opportunities that are scalable and sustainable in these sectors over the past 5 years into the future.
Banking & Payments
ICO date:
 21st of May 2018 to 17th of June 2018
Ends In:
28 days
A Token Symbol:
The Platform Token:
 ERC20 based token
The token to Sale
429M txo

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