Triggmine Creation of algorithms and machine learning models for marketing campaigns

Triggmine is a system based on artificial intelligence. Developers assume that using it can organize the use of e-mail on the basis of the blockchain. By means of the platform, The entrepreneur will be able to realize marketing companies by means of e-mail mailings, at the same time attracting artificial intelligence system and contracts, guaranteeing fulfillment of the assigned expectations. With the introduction of AI in Triggmine, it will be possible to improve the search efficiency of future customers by attracting available resources. Be sure to remember that all personal moments for campaigns will be taken into account, and their promotion will happen automatically.
The attraction of electronic mailings as a tool for marketing promotion by many is seen as a useful tool with a certain power, capable of causing consumers the desire to purchase the offered goods.
Features of the Triggmine project
 The use of e-mail distributions during the organization of the advertising campaign is implemented automatically, and they are provided as a new level of access for customers. So the entrepreneur will be able to use an automatic AI system that creates a user’s disk in just 1 click.
 The Template Library provides more than 150 ready-to-use e-mail messages, and you can select them to send to customers.
 Smart contracts is a blockchain technology that provides security, as well as the ability to achieve specific performance results.
 Master nodes is a tool for creating and implementing intellectual contracts within the project.

Smart contract
After the Triggmine user registers, he can order the access key to start using the platform services fully. To do this, you need to purchase a coin that will provide the full range of functions within the platform. Then there are all the possibilities for customizing the campaign using the Artificial Intelligence toolkit. When the Triggmine system is informed about the features of the promoted platform, it will be possible to use the AI software to perform a series of checks. This is the only way to make suitable offers available to users. This is accomplished by selecting the e-mail template, the content, and the selected theme. If you are satisfied with the quality you receive, you can send a campaign or create a collection of messages to send.

The main advantages of the Triggmine project:
 Interaction with the client at a comprehensible level;
 Ease of use;
 Exact fit of the contents of each letter;
 The increase of profitability of the executed investments;
 Marketing automation in a cheaper way.
Triggmine token
Triggmine Token is a tool to gain access to the platform services. It has a certain cryptographic protection and is also used as a means of payment within the project. Participants have the opportunity to use their wallet to purchase tokens.
Triggmine Coin (TRG) is intended as a pre-order key. It allows users to access the platform services. By means of coins, users can regularly pay for subscription triggmine. When you purchase a subscription, you use a smart contract. After choosing the appropriate rate from the bank card, a certain cost is deducted. There is no question when exchanging tokens for coins.

TRG is a prepaid method within the system that is used to collect payments for the products and services of the platform. Users must purchase tokens to make full use of the resource’s products and services. Smart contracts on the platform will be executed using tokens. The actual exchange rate for each transaction will be used to identify the number of tokens that are payable as fees for certain services.
Client risks are reduced by blocking tokens that are used as a means of payment. The validation process uses data from a pair of sources, from the client and from the platform, collected and stored in the blockchain.

Triggmine  With the Triggmine platform, you can personalize your campaign by email, using the blockchain technology that runs on a decentralized, neural network. It turns out that with the help of this technology it is possible to satisfy the expectations of users who have already encountered using other systems on the basis of artificial intelligence. Triggmine is a qualitatively new solution in this field, so it has high expectations.

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