Triggmine Next Level of Evolution in Email Marketing to the Smalland Medium-Sized Retailer

Triggmine is a system of email marketing automation for intelligent based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. This service allows the entrepreneur to run eCommerce email marketing campaigns are cost-effective using AI-based systems. Smart contracts guarantee the results of the selection. Blockchain technology ensures the use and benefits of 100% safe from Triggmine.

The triggmine team has created a system that is really clever that not only automates sending email but also adapts to ever-changing business parameters and the individual characteristics of each customer. This is possible because the technology adopted in their solutions: AI and blockchain.

Consider a very simple example: you visit the store online, list, and add the item to your shopping cart, then decide to leave the website without completing the purchase. Ten minutes later, you got an email offering You a discount if you return and complete the purchase. This email is a product of “trigger system “. Based on simple rules, the system triggers a simple action takes into account the account «add to cart» and «leave», which together triggered email messages for follow up abandoned shopping cart customers.

An intelligent system designed for the most part the same tasks, though the action was
may consider and act more complex. Such systems rely on data
describe the factors that affect virtually unlimited customer-purchase behavior
as the characteristics of the individual-social-demographics, history of interaction, the degree of sensitivity to a discount, and an interest in relation to the product category. Similar to how marketing professionals typically have traditionally approached her work, intelligent systems take many who may consider aspects of the context of each customer purchase to make individual deals optimal will happen most relevant to each specific customer.

Essentially, the smart system take consumer and product summary
data, create and conduct campaigns in real time, and identify the optimal
characteristics to offer unique to each individual, reflecting such things as:

• the structure of the promotion (BOGO?% discount?);
• number of deals;
• order a chain email;
• keyword subject line;
• an alternative to the creative agency email;
• delivery time;
And so on.
Now, rather than our example about one buyer, imagine the simultaneous operation with thousands of buyers and billions of simultaneous decisions are needed.

Optimize email special offer on the entire set of customers will be cognitive
complex to a level far beyond the capacity of individual marketers, but it can also make quick work with intelligent systems.

And the best thing about Triggmine is that this solution is ready to use. It is an updated version of our products with the most notable eCommerce platforms and is already being used by thousands of SME retailers. This means that you can digitize your email marketing today.

There is no human intervention Triggmine represents the next evolutionary level in marketing emails to and medium retailers. Users no longer need to manually configure the endless list, database segment, and prepare your mailing lists all of this is handled by a system of intelligent Triggmine based on user data.

Independent study application
All you need to do is connect your store to the application Triggmine. Once
integrated, the system analyzes the unique business, customers, and your transaction history, to propose the optimal campaign scenarios.

The personal touch
Depending on the behavior of the user, the system will apply the steps for each user,
analyze the reasons for their behavior and their response to incentives.
We call it the ‘ campaign ‘ aggressiveness. This aggressiveness is applied to various stages of the life cycle and the characteristics of specific customers.

Optimal business success delivered to each retailer’s unique
Triggmine helps each client maximize their customer contact point, from the first
buy for sustainable loyalty. By helping SMES to optimize and execute their campaigns, Triggmine has been able to achieve increased sales an average greater than 30%.


Pre Sale (18:00 UTC 16 April-30 April 2018)
The limit distribution of Triggmine: token Triggmine 30 000 000 (3 000 ETH)
Cryptocurrency received: ETH
Price: 1000 tokens TRG = 0.1 ETH
The minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH
The number of tokens per one person: not limited
The minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
The maximum number of transactions: not limited
Public sales (6 pm UTC June 11-July 11, 2018)
The limit distribution of 150 000 000 Triggmine Triggmine: token (15 000 ETH)
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC
The number of tokens per one person: limited
The minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: 0.1 ETH
The minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 100 Triggmine token
The maximum number of transactions: limited

Triggmine Global business globalization is no longer a trend, but a reality that should be adopted by businesses. If not, they are at risk of falling off the radar of their customers. SaaS marketing automation solutions can save them from slipping into the bottom of the world of eCommerce.

Small and medium businesses are at the hardest stage of their business because they need to approach the global and local market to succeed, but they don’t have the right marketing opportunities to do so. Email marketing automation can speed up the growth of SMES. However, existing tools do not work for them because of the high cost and the features are not appropriate. Therefore, it is very important to develop adequate solutions that will produce the desired results at a bargain price.

Triggmine streamlines the process of email marketing for SMEs and helps them build customer relationships. Triggmine is a combination of driven solution for web-based email marketing and technology blockchain, highlighted by a smooth integration, easy to use, an experienced team, and a loyal partner. The result is solutions off-the-shelf like never before to accelerate your business.


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