UBEX – Global Advertising Ecosystem With a High Level of Mutual Trust and Maximum Efficiency

UBEX – The advertising market is more than 600 billion dollars, and most of it belongs to the segment of advertising on the Internet. Today there are a lot of internet sites for advertising, and among them, there is no obvious leader. In the world of technological business, this is regarded as a favorable situation for those who plan to take a leading position. Of course, if they have the breakthrough technology and enough resources to do so.

The ubex team claims that it will be able to take a significant share of the Internet advertising market, thanks to the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. We will talk about the ICO of this project in this review.

Problems of the existing Internet advertising market
The modern Internet advertising market has a number of problems. All of them can be divided into three groups:
 Low relevancy. The relevance of advertising is such a match when the user wants to see the advertisement. For example, social networks increase the relevance of advertising by showing it to the user according to the information they have left in their profile. And the contextual method is based on the of the advertisement, which is consistent with the user’s search requests. Despite the fact that much has been done in this direction, this problem still remains relevant and requires a solution. Because there is a lot of annoying, intrusive and unnecessary advertising on the Internet.
 Overpayments. This problem stems from the previous one. Because the low relevancy of advertising directly affects its effectiveness and is expressed in the loss of funds for ineffective advertising. Plus, the mediators in the face of the advertising adjusters have to pay more for efficiency.
 High risks. This is the third group of problems. It includes the risks of stumbling upon scammers who will take money, for example, for setting up an advertising campaign, and not fulfill their obligations. Either build a campaign so that the advertising budget burns quickly. Either Nakrutjat views and transitions by bots that not only will not lead customers but also can harm the authority of the customer.
Ubex Solution
Ubex is an advertising exchange that allows you to advertise goods and services, and pay only for the fact of the sale. This will help blockchain.
Also, Ubex will allow companies to create advertising as clear and relevant to the user, and to bring it to those consumers who themselves would like to see it. And this will help artificial intelligence.
The essence of the work of artificial intelligence Ubex is in the interaction of many groups of neural networks. One neural group will specialize in assessing the behavior of the user on the Internet, the other will pick up for the user the products and services that exist on the Internet, which are potentially interesting to him. Another group of neural will monitor the sites, analyze existing proposals and formulate the most advantageous conditions for all parties. The fourth group of neural will analyze the effectiveness of advertising, learn from it and optimize in such a way that once again advertising for the consumer was necessary. And it’s not all neural groups. However, they unite one thing-the desire to show consumers the advertising of products that solve their problems as efficiently and unobtrusively.

Ubex Team
Ubex employs more than 30 experts in the field of marketing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and management. It is pleasant to note that the General Director and co-founder is our compatriot Artem honest.
ICO Ubex Details
Token name: Ubex
Standard Smartkontrakta: Ethereum (ERC-20)
Soft cap: 4 000 ETH
Hard cap: 24 000 ETH
Price of one ubex: 0.00001 ETH
Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
Conclusion : 
Ubex Internet advertising is one of the most dynamically developing branches and the statement of Ubex about a revolution in this sphere, certainly deserves much attention. Actually, this explains the high ratings of the ICO listings and the assembled soft cap. Also, we should note the staff of the team, consisting of a large number of reputable specialists from different areas, necessary for the implementation of the project, and the presence of a working prototype. The aggregate of these factors is expressed in the popularity of the ICO of this project in the crypto community. At the time of writing, the Ubex token discount is 14%.

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