SCAM ICO – UCHIT We’ve built a platform to work together as a team and stay connected


UCHIT The internet-paramount invention of mankind, thanks to which significantly increased the standard of living and comfort of living. Thanks to him, it became possible to work, to be engaged in self-education, to admire art without leaving the house. However, people are social beings, so one of the main uses of the internet nowadays is communication and social interaction.

What is most valuable in absolutely any correspondence? Anyone who really cherishes himself, will immediately answer-the confidentiality, but there are few people thinking about its observance. And on the market of new progressive ideas No, all current popular applications for communication work on the already established traditional principles, not offering anything fundamentally new.

Decentralization is the key to the fact that any correspondence can be read, that a leak of data and photo-video materials can happen. and information in the 21st century is very valuable.Lack of innovations in the field of communication via messengers. People can still communicate and share files over the Internet, but sometimes they get nothing in return. What if we translate the idea of earning through a platform for communication?

On blockchain adapt a lot of ideas and thoughts, the benefit of the idea of the distributed register has very impressive and positive properties, thanks to which the decentralization is achieved, which is deduced safety of confidentiality on A whole new level. This technology is inherent in its own economic add-on, consisting of a token, which allows conducting financial transactions between the project participants directly with each other. The project Uchit was a candidate for realization of these ideas.

About the project
Uchit is the center of Communication and Communication, which is developed on the basis of blockchain technology. It is also a distributed platform for collaboration and messaging (P2P), which is designed with a basic mandate to improve people’s interaction with each other/with their audience and collaborate with team members.

Developers are offered special communication tools for individuals, professionals and business structures that are not available in most popular project counterparts. Uchit has developed its system in such a way that it is a new solution for personal, professional and corporate use for organizations, as well as the provision of API websites that want to have community functions on their own website. The broker is not needed, users exchange information directly through the network blockchain. Uchit uses the Ethereum ecosystem as the primary platform for transaction processing.

Thus, Uchit is a good solution for:
Personal communication with friends and family members;
Professional communication in groups, as a part of the cooperation, for programmers, musicians, artists, and so on.
Professional communication between investors, projects, freelancers, and so on.
Use for corporate clients.
Sites that want to have their own social add-on (API provided).

Advantages of the project
Considering the project, I would like to mention a few interesting points in terms of the application of the project:

All habitual traditional text, voice, video chats, as well as file sharing, group chat, file sharing, webinars, etc.
Live editor for programmers.
Marketplace to find professionals, hire them and form a team
Marketplace to find ready-made templates or projects to run your project.

How the Project works
Chat participants, once entered, can easily collaborate: share files or use the same programming project folders and editors or shared screen-and this is the basis of Uchit P2P network. This allows the central servers to be excluded, allowing nodes on the network to communicate directly without external interference. With such ambitions, the project can become the world’s leading file Exchange platform.

With these internal project tokens-Ucht, employers can spend them in exchange for the acquisition of future employees in their teams, as well as people who want to communicate with each other should request with tokens, requesting files on the platform will also form Where tokens can be accepted. With this idea, people can accumulate more ucht tokens when they share files and templates, respond to communication with other people, or join their team request on the network. Ucht can also be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges on the internet and can be exchanged for Ethereum.

The early version of the product will support the communication part, such as voice chat, video chat, and text chat. Also others and use a market where you can sell and buy ready-made templates and projects and having live programming editors. Over time, the functionality will only expand.

What about the ICO?
The main parameters of ICO are presented below:

Terms of Seila: From April 1 to May 31, 2018
Token name: Ucht;
Token standard: ERC-20;
Token Price: 1 Ucht = 0.19 USD;
Soft Cap: 5 mln USD;
Hard Cap: 50 million USD

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Whitepaper :

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