UDAP – a Blockchain Middleware for Tokenizing Everything

UDAP – I do not know whether someone remembers you or not, but before doing business was impossible without fax. Then came the e-mail and ubiquitous high-speed internet, which threw these devices from the daily routine life of an office worker. And then there was the era of web programmers who earned their bread on the websites-business cards. Yes, you can imagine that at one time there was no WIX, not WordPress, and all sites drag by some templates that were at the disposal of companies. Such an identical to the internet age of the dinosaurs.

But time is relentless and today there is a need for the tokenization of any existing business. What is it for? The reasons can be enumerated mass, but it is convenient, expands the base of clients, allows to automate mass of processes, and, consequently, to reduce expenses on maintenance of the company.

But how to do it if the blockchain is only gaining momentum and specialists in this field are extremely busy? Correctly-it is necessary to create a public constructor, which will allow any current business to join the technology blockchain with the complexity, comparable to a pair-troika of keystrokes!

Udap is just a similar decentralized platform on a blockchain with AI technologies, which allows anyone wishing to design their own smart contracts according to the given rules. And it’s now as simple as setting up your own site by the template. and functionally will be absolutely no different from the big and steep projects on their own blockchain. Well, with the demand for understanding, we must move to the functional features.

Key Features of Udap
The UDAP platform itself will operate inside the Ethereum blockchain. No, the developers do not exclude that it is possible in the future UDAP will outgrow Ethereum, but it is primarily placed there. In this case, the Singular protocol, which is a model of asset interaction, will define the rules of their formation. But I suggest not to delve into the technical subtleties, they can always be gleaned from the WhitePaper project, and focus on the main elements of the ecosystem.

Since the main element of the UDAP system is public blockchain, customers who want to use the platform and release their own tokens will need only basic knowledge about the operation and organization of smart contracts. In other words, you just need to understand how this should work and specify the set of functions that they will perform.

To manage the released assets will be created application Harvest Wallet, which will be able to include the release of assets, regulate their emission. You can also interact with third-party applications to get great functionality. Well, for example, with cryptocurrency exchange for conversion.

Another UDAP for example, as it all can work, will launch a separate store of multimedia (and not only) applications-UMedia. In Udap believe that having at hand a clear example of how you can token any existing business, users will be very enthusiastic to use the wide possibilities of the platform.

In addition, UMedia will also indicate the right business areas that you can and should Tokenizirovat: Ticket sales, music, excursions, e-commerce, medicine, social networks, game items, and currencies and much more. And in general, here the case will be limited only by your imagination.

ICO Project
A total of 10 billion UPX tokens will be issued, which will be distributed as follows:

30%-reserve fund;
25%-Privat Sale;
15%-Public Sale;

To spend the borrowed funds plan so:
50%-platform development;
20%-will go on marketing;
5%-legal expenses;
5%-Other expenses.

UDAP very good as a project and future product. This definitely has a perspective, but it should be borne in mind that several companies are now moving in this direction. Udap pluses look like partners, activity and a fairly experienced team. So keeping an eye on this project is definitely worth it. Below-the traditional useful links.

Website : https://www.udap.io
Demo : https://www.udap.io/demo.html
WhitePaper: https://www.udap.io/whitepapers/UDAP-Whitepaper-English-v08.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/udapfoundation
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/udapfoundation
Telegram : https://t.me/udapcommunity
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDl000RbiE5ywU7x2igWWQg
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/UDAP_Foundation
Medium : https://medium.com/udap

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