UDIAR Is About To Launch The Intellectual Property Blockchain registry

Project Udiarfounded in 2015 to create one universal list of the results of intellectual activity which is designed to facilitate copyright registration and security. Copyright registration body prototype was launched in 2016. This service is configured to register (or deposit) original works online for free.

Udiar open innovation
Open innovation is a competitive way to solutions that can reduce costs and enable new products to be brought to market more quickly. To this end, a large number of independent experts who are involved in open contests where they propose innovative alternative. Each user Udiar can try his hand at contests and earn money with skill by solving the problem of competition.

Udiar Protection
Blockchain registry and additionally confirmed by the certificate paper which can be viewed at any time.

Search, verification of entitlement, sale, purchase and licensing.

How Udiar works
System Udiar is blockchain distributed depository (register) of copyright. Registers record information about each object stored: electronic content this object, when, where and which produced, to whom he moved and how it is used. Udiar register was developed in blockchain open platform that supports the registration of trade depends on the method of smart contracts.

Private Udiar Blockchain
Blockchain distributed registry allows us to create a trusted and secure architecture by ensuring that all security and inalterability saved higher throughput.

Udiar market
a service that registers the authorship of registry Udiar and cube platform a turnover of copyright transaction sales, such as the version of revenue sharing.

Udiar API
API that allows any user or developer of electronic content sources of income to make use of IAR token to register and verify the copyright.
Udiar ICO team
CEO-Maksim Dyshlyuk
Pen CFO-Eugeny
Sergeeva CTO-Darya
IT infrastructure manager-Kirill Shulepov
Advisor Udiar
Cyber Security-Alexander Lvov
Payment and logistics-Alexander finances Voskoboynikov
Marketing-Alexey Morozov
Udiar FAQ

ICO is an innovative fundraising mechanism that allows the work to attract new investment in the trade for a digital Token offers additional advantages and preferences to their holders.

Is It A Smart Deal?
Smart contract is a computer Protocol to automatically perform specific objectives when certain conditions are met. Smart contract operates in a decentralised setting that excludes human factor, and the payment is handled in cryptocurrency.

Why Udiar launch ICO?
Deposit copyright online and timestamping technology implemented and commonly used nowadays in Russia. The most important purpose of the ICO is to bring the market rights to the title with different blockchain and also to expand into international markets.

What are the features of Udiar ICO?
Today, most of the work launches ICOs is about thoughts and theories that never have been implemented in practice. Udiar project relies on the ideas and technologies that have been used successfully in Russia since 2015 and has been gaining popularity among writers, inventors, artists.

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